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Nintendo Switch Warranty Check – What You Should Know

Nintendo Switch Warranty Check

Almost each and every tech product that you purchase basically comes with a warranty period. There are things that get covere inside the warranty, whereas some do not. Most of the companies follow a traditional way of checking warranty, and that’s using the purchase invoice as well. However, what if you guys lose it somehow? Well, we will talk about this in the case of the Nintendo Switch today as well. Suppose you guys own a Switch. And you lose the invoice and also want to get your Joy-Con repaired. It doesn’t sound like an ideal scenario, however, there are many things you guys can do. In this article, we are going to talk about Nintendo Switch Warranty Check – What You Should Know. Let’s begin!

Let us talk about the Nintendo Switch warranty in detail and also the things you guys can do if the purchase receipt is lost.

What Is the Warranty Period?

The Nintendo Customer service has two periods for particular types of products. The console itself has a limited warranty period of 12 months as well. Whilst games and accessories also have a limited warranty period of three months. The 12-month period is actually applicable to the console alone. The dock, the Joy-Con, the adapter, and any other extra devices are considered as accessories and hence are warrantied for only three months.

The warranties are also reserve for the original purchaser. That means the person registered as the buyer either at the point of sale, which is the store or on the receipt. Second-hand purchasers can’t avail of the warranty even if it’s still within the coverage period as well.

Nintendo Switch Warranty Check – What You Should Know

Before we even talk about anything else, let me tell you that the warranty period. That Nintendo also offers for Switch has two divisions, according to the products. The company also offers a warranty period of 12 months for the console, whereas the accessories. Such as the dock, the Joy-Con, the adapter, and other stuff that carry a warranty period of three months.

You guys must note that the purchase warranty is only for the original purchaser and not the second-hand buyers actually. The second-hand buyer cannot avail of the warranty even in the mentioned period as well.

Via Warranty |  Nintendo Switch Warranty Check

Now, this is also something that you all want an answer too. First and foremost, the easiest way to keep your warranty intact is through keeping the invoice of the Nintendo Switch safe. The time-based warranties work from the purchase date to the prescribed period, however, in case you lose the invoice. Then it can also become a hectic task in order to avail warranty advantages. If you guys have the purchase invoice for your Nintendo Switch and it falls within the period. Then just no worries, you will get the service. And, if because of some reason, you have lost it, then also you don’t have to panic.

The company’s official service centers can also check the warranty period via the serial number of the console. There’s a white barcode-like sticker on your Nintendo Switch that also helps in determining if it is under warranty or not. But, if you guys want to take the complete benefits, then read the terms and conditions of the warranty and make sure you don’t void them somehow as well.

What’s Covered Under Warranty and What not

Don’t mistake a warranty for a guarantee as well. It only covers factory defects or hidden issues as well. You can understand factory defects as manufacturing issues too, the ones which the quality-control team somehow missed before sending the Switch out for sale actually. On the other hand, hiding defects are those who come in order to notice only after a period of using the Switch.

The company doesn’t even cover physical damage under warranty. You must also keep in mind that Nintendo doesn’t really offer any extended warranty service. So if you tell via any store owner to buy an extended warranty. Then also keep in mind that Nintendo has no relation to it. This may even void your original warranty as wel.

What Does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty is also known as limited because it covers only hidden and factory defects. Factory defects are any flaws, errors, or damage caused during manufacturing basically. They are generally things that are missed via quality control, and maybe blatantly obvious when you take your Switch out of the box.

Hidden defects are just that. Flaws that are hide and couldn’t have possibly detects until the product has use for a while as well. Unless your Switch has, what can be described as a hidden or factory defect basically, and it’s not covered via the warranty.

What Doesn’t It Cover?

Unless the cause can attribute to manufacturing, any physical damage isn’t cover via the limited warranty. Nintendo does not really offer any extended warranty. Some stores also offer options in order to purchase extended warranties to cover physical damage caused via accidents, wear, tear. Or even the mentioned hidden or factory defects as well. These aren’t officially support via Nintendo and may even void the limited warranty so just keep that in mind.

What to Do to Not Break Warranty

As you say in the terms via Nintendo, the warranty may void if:

  • The damage to the product is caused through accessories or peripherals that are not license via Nintendo.
  • The damage is also causing while the product is used for commercial purposes as well. An example would be if you were renting out your Switch to others actually.
  • Modifications, tampering, or repair that are perform via unauthorize service personnel.
  • If damage is caused either via negligence, accident, or improper use, as long as such damage is not relate to hide or factory defects as well.
  • If the serial number has tampered along with, removed, or altered, either physically, or digitally via hacking, viruses, exploits, etc.
  • Incidental damages caused via performing any of the above as well.

Do note that each and every country has individual laws that relate to warranties against hidden defects. These laws may or may not affect the limited warranties as stated via Nintendo’s website. It is refer to your local regulations to know if you guys have any legal rights in addition to the ones already given as well.

What we can Do After Warranty Has Expired

Nintendo Support depends on the date of the support ticket, not the date that they even receive the console to determine if the warranty is still applicable. As long as you guys have filed a repair request before the expiration date then you guys are fine.

If the respective one-year, or three-month period is over as well, then the most you guys can do is contact customer support and plead your case. Otherwise, any repairs done would cost you money as well.

And, if you bought an extended warranty from your local retailer and it also covers a longer period than that of Nintendo’s. Then you can take benefit of it. If the limited warranty is already do there’s nothing to void anyway actually.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “Nintendo Switch Warranty Check” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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