Nokia Phone Seen On Video With Google Assistant And Android 8.1

Nokia Phone Seen On Video With Google Assistant And Android 8.1. Steemit is a blockchain-based social network site that rewards content creators with a cryptocurrency called STEEM (currently valued at 16.6 cents). According to a post on that site, Nokia has developed a phone with a feature that works on Android (in this case, the phone runs on Android 8.1). The phone does not use a touchscreen, which means that navigation through the application icons is performed using a rocker button. The video shows that Google Maps is opening on the phone, even though it could be the Android Go edition of the app. The Google Assistant also appears at the beginning of the clip, since we can see it displayed on the phone, which works on a 4G LTE network based on the status bar.

We first mentioned an Android-capable phone in July and it’s obvious that this is exactly the same device that was leaked at the time. And even if we can’t be sure until the event really happens, the author of the blog post and video source suggest that more details on this phone should be released on October 15th. This is when the Made by Google event will take place, during which we will see the covers removed from Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

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Do you remember writing messages using T9?

So, what’s the appeal of a phone with a function that works on Android? Well, in small rural areas and in developing countries where smartphone prices may be too prohibitive, consumers could save money by buying one of these devices. Ironically, today we tell you about a flip phone that TCL will offer in the US. This device works on KaiOS and is compatible with Google Assistant. AT&T and its Cricket Wireless unit will offer this with the name SMARTFLIP on September 27th, followed next month by T-Mobile and its prepaid subway by T-Mobile stores; In T-Mobile and Metro, the phone will be known as GO FLIP 3.

You might be big enough to remember some of the interesting Candybar-shaped phones that producers and operators have tried to offer for the first time as instinctive reactions to Apple’s first-generation iPhone, which at the time was exclusive to AT&T in the US. time. With inferior quality resistive touchscreens, phones like Verizon’s LG Voyager and LG Dare. And Sprint’s Samsung Instinct tried to claim to be “iPhone killers” including HTML browsers, QWERTY virtual keyboards (and a physical one in Voyager’s case). oriented cameras and incredible battery life (the LG Dare could spend days between refills). But this new wave of phones with features will apparently be more software-oriented and, as you can see in the video, writing will require the use of the T9 writing system.

Google Assistant

For younger readers, T9 is based on the letters found on the telephone keypad. For example, if you wanted to type “Hello”, press the number 4 key once to register an H. Press the number 3 key twice would generate an E. And press the number 5 key three times to produce an L. I would have to repeat that for the second L and press key 6 three times for O. This obviously does not favor fluid text conversations. However, with the Google Assistant onboard, users could use the Digital Assistant to send a message in the same way that someone with an Android smartphone could do it today.

We will keep our eyes and ears open during the Made by Google event on October 15th to see if more details are announced on this device.

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