Outward Fast Travel – How Fast can You Travel?


Outward Fast Travel

There are actually a lot of new additions coming along with the new Soroboreans DLC in Outward. Out of all these features that came in along with the new DLC, and the ability to fast travel in the game is actually one that’s most welcomed via the players of the game. Because the new DLC in Outward is live and rolling in the game, and it is must that you understand how can you fast travel by now. In this article, we are going to talk about Outward Fast Travel – How Fast can You Travel? Let’s begin!

If you guys don’t already know how to fast travel in Outward The Soroboreans actually. Then the guide below will also come in handy for you. In this guide, we’ll actually pack in each and everything bit of information you have to know about fast traveling in Outward The Soroboreans. By the end of the guide, you’ll be hooked along with each and everything you have to know. So without any further ado, just let’s now look at how to fast travel in Outward The Soroboreans.

Outward The Soroboreans: How to fast travel

If you guys are trying to fast travel in Outward The Soroboreans. Then the first thing that you have to do is locate a Soroborean Caravaneer. The Soroborean Caravaneers appear randomly throughout the world. You guys will be able to find a Soroborean Caravaneer in each and every major city in the game. Approaching them will let you fast travel for a fee of 200 Silver and rations as well.

Because the Soroborean Caravaneers appear randomly throughout the globe, spotting one might get difficult sometimes. If you guys are having a hard time finding them nearby, then just try and get the area in order to reload. You can do this through entering and leaving nearby dungeons, or via going to sleep.Well, if you guys really want to fast travel and cannot find a Soroborean Caravaneer. Then you are gonna have to keep reloading the area until they spawn as well.

As the new DLC in Outward is live and running, and also fast traveling is one of the many features that players are all loving in the game as well. All you guys have is 200 Silver and ration, and then going up to the Soroborean Caravaneers along with the resources will also take you where you guys actually want to go. That said, we also hope reading the article above has equipped you along with some bit of information too. Please let us know via commenting down below if you guys have any further queries regarding the same actually.


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