Popcorn Time Alternatives To Stream Movies

Are you looking for the best popcorn time alternatives? Popcorn Time is a torrent client to stream movies using its built-in media player. The best thing is that Popcorn Time can play videos while installing or downloading. However, Popcorn Time gets tons of negative criticism.

Popcorn Time is the simplest way to stream shows or movies online. However, the app was demise in 2014, lots of different variants of Popcorn Time jump up in their place.

You can also find different versions of the app on Mac, Windows, and Linux, or on android devices. There are also web-only variants that allow or lets you to stream from your browser. Not all Popcorn Time models are official, or secure, for that matter. But those who are designed by experts can prove to work well.

Using Popcorn Time is amazingly simple. However, the features are very easy to use. Also, it’s alternatives or interface is used to control playback through VLC rather than a built-in player. Popcorn Time is designed for watching on your PC, using the site also looks great on big display screens. For those who use Chromecast, you might look for an easy method to stream content from your Popcorn Time client to your television. There are lots of other methods or ways to complete this, and we’re happy to say that it’s easiest if you know what you’re doing.

However, before explaining the alternatives of Popcorn Time, we would like to share some words of perception. Downloading or installing and sharing copyright infringed content is considered a big offense. Also, it lands you in big trouble.

Popcorn Time -> Legal Or Not?

Popcorn Time Alternatives

Well, some programs like Android Showbox or Covenant on Kodi. Popcorn Time illegal service.

However, some ISPs in the US will monitor and watch for illegal services used on their bandwidth. In this guide, we are not suggesting you use this for your movie consumption. Movies are those the products such as an art piece, and after paying for the movies you enjoy.

It’s up to you that can use Popcorn Time at your own risk. If you try to use Popcorn Time to watch or stream movies or films, then keep in mind that it can get you into some trouble using your MPAA or ISP.

The best way to use this is to purchase a VPN subscription. You must know that adding your VPN to your home network to secure your browsing automatically.

Best Popcorn Time Alternatives To Stream Movies

These were some of the best Popcorn Time alternatives:


TorrenTV-Popcorn Time Alternatives

TorrenTV is the best and most popular software that is used to watch torrent content while downloading. If you like to play the ongoing-downloads, TorrenTV provides a built-in media player. The TorrenTV user-interface is very pretty neat and clean, and it is very easy to use. Once successfully downloaded, users want to drag and drop the content of the torrent on TorrenTV to begin the stream.

Download: TorrenTV


Zona is another popular streaming program for Windows which is quite similar to Popcorn Time. The best thing about Zona is its user-friendly interface. Rather than that, Zona offers its own search engine or torrent client. Not only that, but also Zona offers users a few customization options as well. So, Zona is another amazing Popcorn Time Alternatives that you can use on Windows.

Download: Zona



Flixtor is another most popular site such as Popcorn Time that you can visit right now. It doesn’t let users install video content. But it lets users stream videos for free. The site gained much popularity after the demise of Popcorn Time. The Flixtor user interface is stunning, and it’s the best option to Popcorn Time 2019.

Download: Flixtor


It is another best alternative Popcorn Time on the list which you can consider. Kodi is generally used for media streaming, and because of its vast popularity. Also, it is monitored by the copyright holder. Also, it is an open-source tool that depends upon the add-on and repositories to stream video content. However, Kodi can’t stream all its media content via the BitTorrent protocol.

Download: Kodi

Yify TV

Yify TV-Popcorn Time Alternatives

YiFy TV is the most popular website which is quite similar to Popcorn Time. Although the website doesn’t display any torrent clues or magnet links. Also, it grabs all video content from different torrent sites. The site has tons of video content that you can stream for free. Rather than that, it was the user-friendly interface that makes YiFy TV stand out from the crowd. But YiFy TV’s interface seems quite similar to NetFlix.

Download: Yify TV

Duckie TV

Duckie TV is for those who have been looking for Popcorn Time alternatives for TV Shows. However, the desktop client of DuckieTorrent client plugs the Duckie TV software into the local torrent client. The Duckie TV the user interface is pretty clean or neat and it’s quite easy to use.

Download: Duckie TV

Rox Player

Rox Player

Rox Player is a media player tool for desktop windows PC, but it has some twists. For example, it is also compatible with media streaming from IPTV, DHT, and P2P. It means you can directly play any torrent files without installing it. So, Rox Player is the most popular best Popcorn Time alternatives that you can consider.

Download: Rox Player

Couch Potato

Well, Couch Potato is for those who have been looking for the most popular Popcorn time alternative for Mac. It has lots of TV shows or movies that can be watched for free. Similar to every other desktop clients, Couch Potato also depends on P2P to stream the video content.

Download: Couch Potato


WebTorrent-Popcorn Time Alternatives

It is another top-rated streaming torrent client for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Rather than downloading, the WebTorrent client directly streams the torrent content. However, to stream directly, you want to manually set up proxies. Once done, it can then grab videos from Creative commons, Internet archives, etc.

Download: WebTorrent


Stremio needs you to install the player on your PC, but after you installed, you can simply use the platform such as a cleaner, closed-source Kodi. Add-ons adds Netflix, YouTube, and much more, but we use Stremio as it provides compatibility for Chromecast using your local videos. Similar to Videostream, it’s the best way or method if you’re facing problems using the Chromecast utility built into Popcorn Time’s desktop client.

Plex setting is similar to downloading the service to your Windows PC and installing your server. However, once you add your content to your client. Then you can use the web client in Google Chrome to directly stream from your Plex server to your Chromecast. Plex is a very difficult app to understand. But when the modification or changes made after the development of this app, it’s become hard to learn how to control your network server.

Stremio is like a video content website where you can access lots of the latest movie titles. It provides a desktop client available on Mac PC or Windows. You can also stream the video content. So, Stremio is another best Popcorn time alternatives on this list.

Whenever you set qBittorrent to install automatically to the same folder you use for your Plex server. Plex can update your library automatically when modifications or any changes are detected. It’s a bit more work than use Stremio or Videostream.

Download: Stremio


That’s all about it. Is this helpful? If you want to share any other method or tips regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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