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How to Watch Premier League Football on Amazon Fire Stick

premier league football

Premier League Football is famous all over the globe, but unfortunately, it’s really difficult to stream outside the UK actually. However, with our handy tips, you’ll be able to break through blocks and enjoy the match from any country as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How to Watch Premier League Football on Amazon Fire Stick. Let’s begin!

Premier League football (or soccer in the U.S.) is one of the world’s biggest sports clubs actually. It’s the prime source of competitions in Europe and the UK, along with each and every game drawing in hundreds of thousands of viewers from dozens of different countries. In total, Premier League matches reach an estimated 4.7 billion people around the world. All thanks to the incredible availability of the channel across television and digital streams as well.

However, what about watching Premier League on Firestick actually? You guys can already stream movies and TV series on the incredible device right, not to mention play games and sideload apps as well. Can you guys install something in order to watch Premier League on your Fire TV without even going through a lot of trouble? We investigate the issue below, complete along with tips and tricks on getting the most out of your Fire Stick sports streams!

Use a VPN

VPNs are instantly becoming the most important piece of software you guys can install on your device. It doesn’t really matter if you’re installing Kodi on your Fire Stick actually, running a sideloaded copy of YouTube on Fire TV. Or just streaming a few TV shows from Netflix or Hulu as well, and it’s always a good idea in order to keep a VPN running in the background to keep your data safe as well.

VPNs work to encrypt each and every piece of information that leaves your device. Hence making it anonymous and secure. Without a VPN, anyone can spy on your activity, also including cybercriminals, government surveillance programs, and nosy ISPs too. This actually puts your identity at risk, as well, because your IP address is clearly visible to the whole world.

Getting the best VPN for Fire Stick means researching a lot of information and also comparing dozens of important features. That includes highly technical ones like encryption and privacy policies. We’ve simplified the process via providing our top recommended VPN for Fire TV and Fire Stick:


NordVPN is virtually tailor-made for accessing Premier League football abroad as well. Offering hundreds of servers within the UK, you’ll be able to change your IP address on the fly and also bypass the geo-blocks that stop you from enjoying region-locked live sports streams as well.


Of course, ISPs and a lot of websites frown upon proxy traffic. However, NordVPN has an ace up its sleeve along with NordLynx encryption–an unbreakable protocol. That tunnels via almost any known Internet restriction, granting access to UK sports services without even incurring a penalty to connection speeds. This means no lag, no buffering, and no throttling from your ISP in order to disturb your enjoyment of the match.

Best of all, NordVPN is now available on Amazon’s Appstore, that offers the first-party installation of the world’s best VPN directly onto your Firestick. Zero logging, leak protection, and built-in smart DNS round-out this incredible privacy package actually.

Watching Premier League on Fire Stick

Premier League is actually a sports collective, not a broadcast channel. In order to watch matches, you’ll have to tune in to one of the networks that stream soccer whenever a game is about to begin. This varies per country and per device, that is why we’ve included a handy guide below.

Premier League on cable and network TV

Got a satellite or cable subscription, and also want to watch Premier League at home? Just find your country on the list below, and then check out the channel to the right. You may also have to upgrade your channels package to gain access to the right station, however, otherwise, all that’s required is tuning in at the right time.

  • Australia – Optus Sports, SBS
  • Belgium – Play Sports, VOO Sports
  • Brazil – ESPN, ESPN+
  • Canada – TSN
  • China – CCTV 5
  • France – RMC Sport
  • Germany – DAZN
  • India – Star Sports
  • Mexico – Sky Sports
  • Russia – Match TV
  • Spain – Movistar
  • United Arab Emirates – beIN Sports
  • The United Kingdom – BBC Sports, Sky Sports, BT Sports
  • United States – NBC, Telemundo

Streaming Premier League on digital devices

The biggest benefit of streaming Premier League on Android, iOS, and the same devices is the ability to watch content whenever you want, wherever you want. Relying on the app you guys use the individual features and available streams may vary. However, for the most part, you’ll get the big football matches without any issue.

The app you’ll want to download in order to watch Premier League in your country will vary relying on which network is licensed to broadcast content. If you’re in Spain, such as, you’d need a Movistar app, whereas Canadians would need CCTV apps. Not every network actually has a companion app or the ability to stream to digital devices. However, if you have an iOS or Android device handy. Then try searching for your local station on the app store to see if one is available.

Streaming on Fire TV, Fire Stick

What about apps and channels in order to watch Premier League on Firestick? The good news is that there are a lot of mainstream solutions to get soccer content on your favorite device. The bad news is that they’re limited to a few areas, and mostly need a pre-existing subscription to activate. Below is a quick overview of the top services that you can install on Fire TV.

  • Sky Go – The Sky family of channels also has a surprisingly good app that works on a really wide variety of hardware in a number of countries around the globe, which makes it a great choice for most people. Simply search for the app on the Amazon Fire TV store, download, log in, and then start watching.
  • Telemundo Now – For U.S. users who want Premier League without all the fuss, Telemundo also offers a good app you can download and then install to Fire TV directly from the built-in Amazon store. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!
  • SBS on Demand – The Australian network basically runs a live sports app that delivers live Premier League matches for users within the country’s borders as well.

Third-party solutions

Going along with a cable-centric approach to Premier League streams isn’t the only way in order to get your football fix. There are many third-party apps that offer free and paid access to soccer content around the globe. And best of all, they’re less expensive than cable, and they work great on Fire TV as well!

YouTube TV

YouTube joined the live TV marketplace a few years ago along with its YouTube TV service. The add-on is competitively priced and also offers about the same selection as Hulu with Live TV and many other mainstream services. You’ll be able to catch Premier League on the NBC sports network channel once subscribed, although it’s limited to streams in the United States as well.

Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is one of the best ways in order to watch TV shows in the U.S. and Japan. Along with the service’s more recent expansion into the live TV realm, a really simple subscription became even more powerful than before. The Hulu with Live TV paid service gathers dozens of cable and broadcast channels. And also lets users watch them as much as they like, with no limitations involved, and on any device of your selecting, also including Fire Stick and Fire TV!

Hulu with Live TV’s basic subscription includes sports channels such as NBCSN, BTN, Fox, ESPN, FS1, and FS2, all channels that mostly stream soccer, football, basketball, baseball, and much more. Relying on your location you guys may also be able to access Premier League games from the NBC channels, as well. That makes this arguably the best way to stream soccer in the United States.

Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the oldest and also most dependable live TV services around. The company originally made headlines via offering basic subscriptions along with an “a la carte” selection of channels. In other words, you select the channels you want and only pay for that content. Most services since then have adopted the same model as well.

Sling TV includes more standard sports options than many other providers, like ESPN, ESPN Goal Line, RedZone, PAC-12, SEC Network, and much more. Most of these options feature soccer prominently, and a lot of broadcast Premier League content on a regular basis. Sling TV also offers a seven-day free trial to start with, then subscriptions are 20 USD per month for up to 30 channels.

PlayStation Vue

Sony’s PlayStation Vue service sticks to the basics whenever it comes to its live TV offerings. However, it gets the job done for sports and soccer fans alike. After enjoying a free week-long trial, subscribers get access to a series of package tiers long with both cable and broadcast options. NBC, Telemundo, and many other Premier League channels are included in these tiers. Relying on your viewing habits PlayStation VUE could end up being more expensive than other streaming services. However, it still offers reliable access to Premier League matches on a variety of devices.

Fire Stick Premier League via Kodi

There’s one more reliable option in order to stream Premier League to your Fire TV: Kodi. The free and open-source media center can be sideloaded to Firesticks along with relative ease. That permits you to install various add-ons that grant full access to Premier League channels. All of this is free and perfectly safe, although you’ll have to engage in a somewhat lengthy setup process in order to get things working as well.

Premier League official app

The Premier League also offers an official app available on multiple smart device platforms. Also including iOS and Android. Unfortunately, it doesn’t support Firestick natively actually. However, you can technically sideload the software to your Fire device, and there’s little reason to do so, when the app doesn’t run well on the hardware.

Premier League’s app also offers a lot of features soccer/football fans will appreciate. Also including fantasy leagues, news articles, statistics, and full team profiles as well. You can stream highlights from select matches directly from the app, however, there’s no way to get access to full, live games along with the free software.

Below is an instant list of the Premier League’s official app and its major features.

  • Detailed statistics giving insight on key performers in each position.
  • Fixtures, Results & Tables for competitions also including PL2, U18, and Champions League.
  • Free app available without even a subscription.
  • In-depth profiles on all players to have played for a Premier League Club actually.
  • Just manage your Fantasy Premier League team directly from the app.
  • Matchday Live for live blogging and updates on each and every Premier League broadcast.
  • Premier League news and features from your favorite club as well.
  • Profiles on each and every Club in the Premier League’s 27-year history.
  • Video highlights of some of the world’s best players in action too.

If you’re a big Premier League fan and you own an iOS or Android device. Then the official app is worth looking into. Just know that you won’t be able to stream games to your device without even one of the above services.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “premier league football” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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