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Resolve Scroll Mouse Button Not Working

Resolve Scroll Mouse Button Not Working: A mouse is no doubt one of the least problematic hardware devices you’ll ever connect to a Windows PC. It can’t put you in trouble until you’ve dropped it or it’s rusted. However, if your mouse begins to act up, and randomly stops working in part, or in full, there are such things you can try to resolve it.

Hardware or software

First, check your all mouse buttons as they are working properly or not. You will be able to resolve the issue. Check them on your PC, and if one of the buttons can’t working, just try testing the same mouse on various PC. If it works well on other PCs, you have a software issue on your hands and it can be resolve. But, if it is not working on other systems as well, it is a hardware issue. If it’s a wireless mouse, modify the battery or charge it and then test it again.

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Supposing you have software issues, here are some things you can do to resolve it.

Check apps and scripts

Check the scripts and apps that are running at startup on your PC. It is not possible that an app is blocking the mouse from working. Disable them all, and also check if the mouse begins working. If it does, simply figure out which app is blocking it at startup and either disable it or uninstall it.

Update driver

Firstly Opens the Device Manager and moves to the Mice and other pointing devices group of devices. Then expand it, and choose your mouse. Right-tap it and choose the Update driver option from the context menu. Also, Install an update if it is available. But in case of if not, try uninstalling and then again installing the driver. Remember you restart your PC after making a modification to the driver.

Edit Windows registry

Click the shortcut Win+R to open the run box. Input ‘Regedit’ and tap Enter. Move to the following key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

Look for a value know as WheelScrollLines. Double-tap it, and then assign it’s value to 3. Again start your system.

Check other apps

After installing the app on your PC that modifies how the mouse works in any sort of way. Just analyze them as well. The app can’t necessarily have to be running. However, it might change something on your PC or having service running that you don’t know about. Simply check the apps and erase the ones that control the mouse. At last, check if running a specific app makes the mouse stop working. If it does, delete it and restart your PC.


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