Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash – Tutorial

restore chrome tabs after crash

Well, we have to admit that almost everyone loves to spend time while surfing the web. But to access the internet, we need to use a proper web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Talking about Google Chrome, the web browser is available on almost all platforms. And it basically offers a really wide range of features that can improve your web browsing experience. In this article, we are going to talk about Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

There are even higher probabilities that you guys might be reading the article along with a Google Chrome browser. But the Google Chrome web browser also comes along with few bugs that can ruin your web browsing experience. Some of these bugs automatically close the web browser where others crash the entire browser.

However, Google Chrome also provides users some productive ways to avoid these bugs. Let’s admit that we all have gone through automatic Chrome shut down, chrome crashing issues at some stage of our internet life right? And due to these automatic shutdowns & crashes, we all lose our open tabs as well. What’s worst is that Google Chrome does not really give any prior notification or confirmation alert before even closing the Chrome Windows.

Restore Chrome Tabs After Crash – Tutorial

If you guys have already dealt with such a situation or if these web browser issues are already making your internet life dull. Then here we actually have a practical solution for you. In this article, we are now going to share some really easy ways in order to reopen all closed tabs on Google Chrome Browser.

Via Google Chrome History

Well, you guys do not need to go through the whole history. In order to bring back the opened tabs on Google Chrome Browser since there’s an easy way out. In order to restore chrome tabs, you just have to tap on CTRL + H that will open Chrome’s History. If you guys have accidentally closed chrome tabs, or it also happened because of any bug. Then Chrome History will also show you the option in order to ‘Reopen Closed Tabs’

restore chrome tabs after crash


When you choose the ‘Reopen Closed tabs’ all of your closed tabs will then re-open instantly. The same thing goes for MAC, however, you guys have to use the key combination of ‘CMD + Y’ in order to access Chrome History.

Via Keyboard Shortcuts

It is actually the best and fastest method that basically comes in handy. Whenever you guys are in the situation of restoring Google Chrome Tabs after a crash or restart as well. Along with the help of using some keyboard shortcuts, you guys can re-open closed tabs on Google Chrome Browser. But this method will now only work if you have accidentally closed the tabs. In case if you guys have restarted your PC, then you won’t get back the closed tabs actually.

  • On Windows, you have to open the Google Chrome Browser and then click on CTRL + SHIFT + T. It will then start with the last tab, which is actually open in Google Chrome.
  • Just like that, another method that permits you to use a shortcut just like right-clicking on any of Chrome’s tab.
  • Well, after that, you need to choose the ‘Reopen Closed tab’ option in order to get back the closed tabs.

Via Google Chrome Extension

Well, there is also an extension available on the Chrome web store known as Lock it. The Chrome extension does a really simple job, that is it locks a website! The extension will lock the site and will then prompt you on closing. So, it is actually one of the best extensions that can help anyone facing frequent chrome shutdown as well.

However, Lock it is not the only Chrome extension available out there. You guys could find a lot of others offering the same features. However, as per our opinion, Lock it works just great, and most of the users already use it.

Via TabCloud

TabCloud is one of the useful Google Chrome extensions available on the Chrome web store. The really great thing about TabCloud is that it can also save and restore window sessions over time and also sync across multiple devices too. That means the chrome sessions can also be restored on another computer. So, if your Chrome has just crashed, it automatically will have the saved version of the previous browsing session. So, TabCloud is another best extension that can also be used in order to restore chrome tabs after a crash actually.

restore chrome tabs after crash


Permanent Fix

Google Chrome also gives users an option in which it basically restores the last session. But this feature does not bring back the closed tabs. So, if you guys are unable to restore lost tabs because of Chrome Crash, then you have to update your web browser. If you guys are already using the latest version of Google Chrome, then you can try to reinstall it.

The Lock it Chrome extension will probably stop the accidental closing as well. As it will prompt you each and every time you guys try to close any tab.


Well, if nothing works in your favor, then this is actually the final thing that you guys can do. Because web browsers record all of your browsing activity, you guys can easily re-open the tabs via Chrome history. But this will not restore the current session, since it will reload the page from the start. So, Chrome history is another way in order to restore chrome tabs after a crash as well.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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