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Step-By-Step Guide To Request Mobile Site In Chrome

Do you want to request a Mobile site in Chrome? Mobile websites are optimized for viewing on a mobile device. Some mobile websites are optimized only the look while others serve up special content that isn’t data-heavy. The best mobile site is one that can provide you access to everything the desktop site can but the mobile platform still has its restrictions. The website isn’t always providing the same experience to its mobile users. If you use Chrome on your mobile, you can get around this just by requesting the desktop site. Chrome will display you the desktop site besides the mobile one which it defaults too. However, on iOS, you can’t request the mobile site in Chrome whenever you switch to the desktop model, that is, until now.

Chrome for iOS has been updated with an option to request the smartphone site whenever you switch to the desktop version.

How To Request Mobile Site:

How To Request Mobile Site

Request Mobile Site – Update Chrome For iOS

Update Chrome for iOS to its new variant. This feature was included in version 60.0.3112.72. Click the overflow button located at the upper right and from the menu, choose ‘Request desktop site’. Whenever you move to the desktop site, click the overflow button again. You will then view a ‘Request mobile site’ option on the menu. Click it to switch to back the mobile site.

On the older variant of Chrome for iOS, whenever you switched to the desktop model, the option ‘Request Desktop Site’ would be greyed out. Normally you close the tab and then open the website in the latest tab to take the mobile site again. Make sure that when a website doesn’t have a mobile model, you can’t use this option to force the website to display you one.

Request Mobile Site – Update Chrome For Android

Head over to a new tab and navigate to a website. Then click the overflow button and view the box located next to the ‘Request desktop site’. Then chrome will load the desktop site. If you want to return to the mobile site, head over to the same men then unmark the box located next to the ‘Request desktop site’.

Chrome for Android and iOS have a rather big inconsistency in terms of features. For instance, in Chrome for Android, you can turn on many experimental flags whereas, they just can’t exist in Chrome for iOS. Some of this inconsistency is owed to the closed nature of iOS however, this feature is an exception. In fact, Chrome for iOS provides some features that its Android variant doesn’t have. For instance, you can simply scan QR codes in Chrome for iOS.


I hope this guide helped you out. Let us know below if we missed anything, or if you want to share anything else.

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