Stranger Things 3 Screensaver App for PC


Microsoft is basically celebrating Stranger Things season 3 in true Windows 1.0 style today. The software giant has also created a Windows 1.11 app for a tie-in along with Stranger Things. And it includes nostalgic apps such as Paint, Writes, and also the original Windows cmd prompt. However, the app is supposed to be set in the summer of 1985 just like the TV show. But Windows 1.0 did not actually debut until November 1985. In this article, we are going to talk about Stranger Things 3 Screensaver App for PC. Let’s begin!

Awkward dates apart, this app is designed more just like a game in order to accompany the latest Stranger Things season. There are many glitches, thanks to the Upside Down World, and also little mini 8-bit games in order to find clues and Easter eggs about the show. If you guys are a Stranger Things fan, then it is really a fun little app as well. However, if you were hoping for a full-blown Windows 1.0 experience, then this certainly is not that.

Stranger Things 3 Screensaver App for PC

If you guys have already watched the latest Stranger Things season, then you will notice that nobody ever uses a Windows PC at any point in the episodes actually. But, Dustin can be seen wearing a 1985 “Camp Know Where” cap along with a PC on it. This Camp actually Know Where is actually part of a bigger tie-in for Microsoft that will be available in the company’s retail stores as well. Students will also be able to participate in challenges at Microsoft stores this summer, which include a focus on coding and also games as well.

stranger things 3 screensaver

Microsoft is also allowing folks to create mini-movies along with 3D models, theme music, and also special effects. You guys will also be able to insert yourself into Stranger Things, thanks to Microsoft’s Mixed Reality headsets in stores actually.

However, there is even a Stranger Things 3 screensaver Collectible Arcade Cabinet up for grabs for Xbox fans as well. And also Microsoft is using its original corporate logo from 1985 to really amp up the nostalgia actually. The company even published a press release along with a 1985 version attached upside down at the bottom in order to play into the Stranger Things vibe.


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