The Best Tech News Apps You should Know

Well, what really are the top best tech news apps for Android? What makes an app to be considered among the best for tech lovers still lies down to its consistency and reliable information actually. These kinds of applications should be able to give diversity in the tech biosphere, it can include treading gadgets, new technology, social media news, smartphones, and cybersecurity. In this article, we are going to The Best Tech News Apps You should Know. Let’s begin!

We can’t actually deny that there are so many websites online in order to stay updated about technology. However, do most of them hire developers in order to create an Android app for them? So that is why I have compiled the list of best tech news apps for Android users actually. Smart notifications are also included in these apps, that’s the main purpose of having them installed on your device actually.

The Best Tech News Apps You should Know

Not only that, however, some of the apps listed in the article also allow its users to bookmark or save a webpage for offline reading also. So, let’s check out the best Android apps in order to read tech news.

Google News

  • Full coverage – read the full story or just an article. Relies on your preference.
  • Excellent layouts – you won’t get bored along with the news.
  • “Newsstand” You guys can also reach out to the sources of news.
  • The “For You” tab – makes it really easy for you to search for what you care about.
  • Data saver – if you are out of data or have a poor connection, the app would decrease downloading MBs and downloads less data.

tech news apps

Google News app is actually the best tech new app for Android, they also have a version for iPhone users too. Google News is not a tech-focused app, there are some other categories available, so technology categories are there. Some websites also approved for Google News have their tech-related articles published, You can follow on Google News if you want to stay updated with us from there also to support us actually.

Google News actually keeps up up-to-date with their briefing updates that shares five stories on the home screen. There you can see the most important updates and also the latest developments about your followed tech topics.

Feedly | tech news apps

  • It basically offers you integration along with Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Zapier, and many more.
  • Fastest Speed as well.
  • All the contents will be available in one place in an easy in order to read format.
  • Easy search for magazines, blogs, or newspaper, you guys would like to read as well.

tech news apps

It is an RSS reader app that permits users to subscribe to favorite tech blogs. So, whenever you open the app next time, you will see the content from the sites that you have subscribed to actually. Feedly makes things a lot easier as you don’t have to open the browser and visit the website to see news as it automatically lists all news that has been recently published by many tech blogs. Well, apart from that, Feedly also got a dark mode, light mode, and also a reader mode that basically improves the reading experience.

Tech News

  • Well designed and high innovation.
  • You can disable the feed, you do not need.
  • Updates regarding Technologies, hardware, software, smartphones, newest games, and apps as well.

tech news apps

Well, Tech News is something just like an RSS Reader app because it lets users subscribe to different tech websites. After subscribing to the tech website, it then automatically lists all articles published via those portals. The best thing about Tech News Tube is its interface which looks clean, and it is really simple to use. Not just that, but Tech News Tube also offers a dark mode that actually works as a reading mode.

Flipboard | tech news apps

  • Brief features.
  • It takes a while to get familiar, however, after that, you will be used to it.
  • You guys can also create your personal magazines.


Well, this is also one of the best tech news apps that is very mobile and also shows the best-personalized tech news for you actually. Well, Flipboard has other categories of interest, it is not a stand-alone app for tech-related articles. It works just like some of the best sports apps, however, you are here for technology, so let’s now talk about some cool features too.

On the app, you guys basically get to pick your passions and create a smart magazine for each and every tech development sub-topic. You can also get the latest news from thousands of top newspapers based on your interest both locally and globally. You can use hashtags to see personalized topics and get the latest tech news from TechCrunch, trending science stories along with Wired, and much more


The TechCrunch tech news app is also another better source for tech news stories actually. There you guys can get updates about startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, and much more. The app is able to show personalized articles of interest to you, it is really user friendly and syncs the articles from the website as soon as they are published.

tech news apps

Some of the cool features of the Android app include free access to the application without a single ad. You can see articles offline after you guys have loaded them with an internet connection. It is integrated along with Crunchbase also. Also, you should know that the app was last updated since March 2020, users have been complaining of bugs as seen on the app’s review, so you might want to get the old version online with the lesser bug.

CNET | tech news apps

Actually, CNET is the well-known best review and tech news app company around the globe. They also contain the best stories of the day and there are also experts that give advice on products they know their audience will love. Their app has also been tested and developed perfectly fine for Android and tablet users. They review the best products so that you guys can make a choice if the product is worth a purchase as well.

tech news apps

The website is consistent that they post almost 100 articles daily so that you stay updated and never miss your topics of best interest actually. Their topics vary from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Uber, and many more companies than that. Their forum is also huge with a lot of users, there you can engage along with other readers, create your posts, and also comment on other users’ articles as well.

Findups Daily

  • “Bookmark” feature – basically helps you in order to read the news later.
  • You can also go to your profile and select your interest.
  • Personalize your profile.

findups daily

Findups Daily is a recently developed Tech news app that basically keeps you updated on tech topics. Like Gadgets, new smartphone releases, reviews of latest laptops, phones, and much more than that.

Well, even though the app is also new, tech users have liked this app a lot andalso given a rating of 4.8. The app provides you knowledge from most trending tech topics, recent technological updates, and also business trends as well.

Findups Daily basically generates a customized news feed for you based on what topics you like and bookmark as well.  Under your profile, you guys can control the news feed, select the topics to get daily tech updates and keep yourself up to date along with the latest tech news.

Pricing: The app is absolutely free to download and use with NO IN-APP purchases.

Opera News | tech news apps

Opera News basically collects news articles, videos at just one place from different sources. The app provides you the latest updates in tech, business, finance, and much more. Almost 250 thousand Folks voted opera as one of the best news apps.

tech news apps

The app also generates a personalized feed for you that is based on your area of interest. One of the best features of Opera News is the availability of multiple languages. Such as English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and much more. You guys can read the news in your native language anytime, anywhere actually.

Another great feature of Opera News is that it has both offline reading features as well as a data saver feature through a turbo engine. The app also saves 80% of your data and permits you to read offline news through permitting you to download multiple articles as well.

Scooper News

If you guys love starting your day with a bunch of tech news, sports, entertainment, and then Scooper News is the best app for you. Along with a 4.5-stars rating from 47 thousand folks brings you breaking news from all over the world. Based on your likes, choices of topics and interest, the app also offers a custom feed. Tech-related videos on Scooper are amazing in order to earn knowledge of recent technology trends.

scooper news

Well, one of the best features of Scooper News is offline news reading. If you guys do not have internet access or ran out of data, Scooper News permits you to read the news in offline mode actually.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “tech news apps” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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