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The 2020 iPhone will have OLED Screen and the Long-Awaited 5G Chip

The 2020 iPhone will have OLED Screen and the Long-Awaited 5G Chip

The iPhone that is on the way, in its different models, could disappoint. Not as much by design, camera or screen as by its internal technology. The fact that it is not going to include the 5G chip will make many consider it antiquated. I already seem to hear those complaints of “being so expensive does not bring the 5G”. However, we must know that this technology is not yet available to users. There are 5G chips, but no antennas. It is expected that by the end of 2020 or early 2021 we will begin to see them in some areas. Large cities and capitals. We will have to keep waiting. And the 2020 iPhone will be the one that goes to 5G, along with other innovations or improvements. Let’s see below what is according to the analysts.

2020 iPhone: 5G, OLED and larger

Just two months of seeing the iPhone XI, we started talking about what will happen to them. The interest lies in that there is usually not much change from one year to the next. On the other hand, every two generations there seems to be something more interesting. That’s why many change their iPhone every two or three generations. Well, all the analysts and media on Apple start talking about their expectations for the 2020 iPhone. These will be three models similar to the current ones, but with some changes.

On the one hand, we talk about larger screens, but this is not very clear. What they do seem to agree on is that they will all bring OLED panels. And not only that but also 5G technology. It is very likely to be available in all three models, although you never know. It could be a way to differentiate the high-end from the average and offer that iPhone something more “economic” successor to the XR.

The 2020 iPhone will have OLED Screen and the Long-Awaited 5G Chip

The camera and the operating system will be the great asset of the 2020 iPhone

Although the media focuses on the OLED screen, its inches, and the 5G chip, I see another element of interest. This is the camera. In order to improve augmented reality and take it to a new level, camera lenses will evolve considerably. Especially introducing more 3D technology in the lenses. And it will not come with iOS 13 , but with the next update. The supposed iOS 14 that will focus more on the iPhone than on the iPad.

Adding all this news and some more, we see an iPhone very attractive and attractive. We will see what the competition is preparing and if Apple is able to maintain its success because, as we said at the beginning, the absence of 5G this year can be a negative blow to marketing, although having it would be useless for a few years.

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