The Best 4chan Apps You can Use on Your SmartPhones


4Chan is actually really popular for its fair discussion threads, memes, and some of its controversial gray things (almost sounds like The Happening). If you guys browse 4chan on your computer then you won’t have any problem however, 4chan is not ideal for mobile browsing. Although there is not an official app the community has also developed many unofficial apps specifically tailored for mobile use actually. I have also found and created a list of best 4chan apps for Android. In this article, we are going to talk about The best 4chan Apps You can Use on Your SmartPhones. Let’s begin!

4Chan vs Reddit – What’s the difference between them?

Well, on the surface, 4Chan is a lot similar to Reddit actually. Both are a discussion forum along with the old-school layout. However, in reality, they, could not be any more different. Reddit is pseudonymous, which means that your posts and comments are tied to your username actually. The huge majority of users are anonymous 4Chan.

Also, another key difference is, 4chan is an imageboard along with loosely organized boards as their “subreddits”. /a/ is the anime board, /b/ random, /nd/ or virulent racism, /VG/ is video games, actually.

The best 4chan Apps You can Use on Your SmartPhones


Chanu basically used to be the best 4chan app in the Play Store, however, Google banned the app in 2014, supposedly along with little explanation. Interestingly, the previously discussed Clover was also banned in 2016. That suggests the Play Store bosses may have a problem along with 4chan’s content in general.

4chan apps

The Chanu app never returned to Google Play actually. Today it is only available if you are willing to sideload the app through F-Droid or GitHub as well. Even though it is not the Play Store, it is still a great Android app for 4chan actually.

The app also offers thread tracking and watchlists, the ability in order to start new threads, support for favorite boards, light, and dark themes. A way to download pictures from 4chan, and also support for offline reading as well. Creating a thread is really easy, you just have to click on the options button on the right and then click on ‘new thread‘. Your favorite boards can also be added to the list and the app would send you a notification about the famous posts of that board.


Along with Omnichan you won’t feel that you are browsing 4chan along with an unofficial app. It also supports 8chan, 420chan, Lainchan, and Wizardchan as well. Adding boards is really easy and you can just either type the board’s name or choose it from the list. Now it can create confusion along with boards from different websites. Hence, a small icon on the top left corner of each and every board is visible.

4chan apps

You can also select boards in order to show in the list view or sorted alphabetically and change the layout through changing the theme. There are a lot of modifications that you can do in order to customize the layout of the app just like the text color, thumbnails, post style, etc. It provides you control over how the app looks and feels whenever you use it.

Tapping onboard loads its most famous posts. just like on the website you can also change the sort order and see new comments or controversial posts as well. Click on the post and you can see the replies and comments in neat individual tiles actually. Each and every tile shows the number of sub-replies that you can read through tapping it. It also has a dedicated 4chan pass log implemented in the app that is really nice.

Clover | 4chan apps

Clover basically offers the closest experience of the original website via an app. You simply add the site URL and it adds to your app as well. You can also see the boards on your dashboard too. It has a catalog mode which, well displays the threads in neatly spaced catalog items as well.

4chan apps

Creating a post is really simple and you can do it with just a few entries in which name is always optional. Every single time you post a thread, the app basically asks you to enter a CAPTCHA in order to delete bots. Replying to folks on the discussion boards is really easy where you guys can just quote the comment and type your message. simple.

Bookmarked threads can also be monitored and you will get a notification of every update. You can also set the behavior that basically invokes the notification. you can also control the location of pictures and save anywhere on your phone. It is mute for videos by default, and you guys can also turn off spoiler tagged pictures.


Dashchan is not as well-known just like the other 4chan Android apps that we have looked at so far, however, it is still worth checking out. It also supports multiple imageboards, that includes 8chan, 55chan, 410chan, and much more than 50 smaller niche boards.

As with many of the other apps, Dashchans’ features also include filtered searches, favorite boards, video support, and also in-line replies. Unfortunately, there is no support for WebM files actually.


Well, the other big downsides of Dashchan is its installation process. You have to install an APK extension for every imageboard you want to visit. It is a bit difficult to set up. Unfortunately, the app does not really support WebM playback natively and you have to use your chrome browser on the phone which is a downside that has not been addressed yet actually.

Overchan | 4chan apps

Thi app basically supports a few other imageboards in addition to 4chan. However, nowhere near as many as you guys will find on Dashchan.

Well one of the Overchan features that we loved a lot is the most was its ability in order to set preferences for image boards on a board-by-board basis. Such as, you could make a video-heavy board display differently from a predominantly text-based board actually.


The app also lets you store threads (with attachments) as HTML files, send posts in the background, and also automatically update all your open tabs in the background as well.

Mimi 4chan Reader

Because of the removal of Chanu, Mimi 4chan Reader has become the second-best 4chan app in the Play Store. Some of its users may even prefer it to Omnichan.

The app basically stands out thanks to its easy navigation. You can also group multiple threads together using the tab layout. You can swipe on any thread in order to open it in the browser view, swipe left or right to jump between threads and select between three different regular layout types.

4chan apps

Mimi is also highly customizable; you guys can change the color of the text, toolbars, menus, and a whole lot more than that. Other features also include WebM support, a full-screen image gallery, and also automatic board refreshing.

4Chan apps for iOS

Unfortunately, Because of Apple’s strong guidelines, really much most 4Chan apps are deleted from the App Store. So, while there are no 4Chan apps for iPhone (unless you guys jailbreak them). There is, however, one workaround too. You guys can get RSS feeds from 4Chan on your iPhone through the Safari browser as well.

You simply have to open the RSS URL of your favorite board on Safari, ⁠next click “share”, choose more and ⁠turn on “discover RSS feed”. Then ⁠press the “discover RSS feed” button in the last line. Just like that, you can import RSS feed to any RSS app. Though, you won’t get comments and replies in the RSS feed, just the posts actually.


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