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The Best Audiobook App for iPhone You can Use

Well, technology has evolved so much in the past years that consuming books no longer needs the act of reading. Now, regardless of your location, you guys can listen to any book that you guys want from the comfort of your phone and a pair of headphones as well. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Audiobook App for iPhone You can Use. Let’s begin!

Audiobooks forever changed the way folks read (listen to) books in their free time. Where earlier you guys used to sit on a comfy chair, bed in my case and also read a book via the table lamp. Folks are now listening to the very same books while jogging, cycling, and also even driving. It actually saves a lot of time and allows you to be more productive whenever doing menial tasks that can be boring as hell.

If you guys own an iPhone or an iPad, then there are some really good audiobooks apps available on the App Store in order to help you with this. Let’s take a look at some of the best audiobook apps for iPhone users and then see how they differ from each other. Let’s begin.

The Best Audiobook App for iPhone You can Use

Apple Books


  • No subscription


  • Geographical restrictions
  • Smaller collection

The first and the most obvious choice for most of the iPhone users are Apple Books, previously knowns as iBooks actually. The default audiobooks app comes pre-installed on all iPhones. Apple Books not only supports eBooks, however, also offers a nice collection of audiobooks. Audiobooks were part of the Music app before it was moved to Apple Books for better management actually.

Best Audiobook App for iPhone

A thoroughly redesigned app basically offers better library management and easier access to audiobooks that you have purchased.

If you guys have recently listened to an audiobook, it will then appear right away in the Reading Now section. There, you will also find all the books you have added to your wish list. Additionally a few audiobook and ebook recommendations from the book store.

A significant benefit of Apple Books over other book and audiobook apps is that you guys can shop directly in the app. It makes discovering and buying new audiobooks a much easier task for us.

Audible | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Functional UI
  • App is feature-rich


  • A bit expensive

Powered by Amazon, Audible is actually one of the largest if not the largest, and most advanced audiobook apps in the whole world, and here’s the reason as well. On the app, you guys can find the largest number of audiobooks and a really big variety of audio-features.

This means that you can not only listen to popular books but also to audio shows and short narratives narrated via your favorite celebrity. How cool is that, isn’t it? Listening to your favorite book and your favorite actor, Woah!

Best Audiobook App for iPhone

A creative and out of the box idea, Audible provides you a choice concerning the purchasing process. You guys can either purchase one book at a time. Well, in our case an audiobook at a time or you can get a monthly subscription ($14,95) actually.

Of course, the app is absolutely free and, wait for it, free of irritating ads. Unlike other apps, I won’t call names, that you can listen to your audiobooks even if you are offline. The Audible player also offers a qualitative sound experience and it permits you in order to adjust the narrating speed according to your preferences.

Bound | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Offline listening
  • Supports DRM-free audiobooks
  • Cloud storage support


  • Can’t find any

Bound is actually another well-made iOS audiobooks app that permits you to listen to free audiobooks. It does not really offer a free library, instead, you will have to download the books from sites such as which house the free audiobooks. It supports many audiobook formats that include MP3, M4a, M4b, and AAC.

Best Audiobook App for iPhone

Not only you can import audiobooks that are locally stored on your iPhone however, you can also import them from many cloud storage. That includes Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Web Uploader as well. It offers one of the best playback controls along with customizable time skip buttons, variable playback speed, and much more than that. But, this is a paid app and you guys will have to buy it before you use it.

Bookmobile | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Feature-rich
  • Podcast search and play
  • Auto bookmark
  • Cloud storage support


  • Cluttered UI

This one is for iOS users actually. The Bookmobile is really simple and straight forward. You get an import button using that you can import your audiobooks from multiple sources. Such as iTunes, LibriVox, or even directly an MP3 that you downloaded from the internet. The app also has a store where you guys can search for free audiobooks and download them as well.

Just press the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen in order to begin adding audiobooks. If you have DRM-free audiobooks on your iPhone, you guys can easily import it. Most folks, myself included, use a desktop or laptop in order to download content. Bookmobile understands this and comes along with LAN support to help you import audiobooks from your computer actually.

Another notable feature is an auto-bookmark where the app will remember where you left in case of a call, message, app switch, or app crash actually. And also you can add notes to bookmarks as well.

Librivox | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Free to use
  • Hosts several classics


  • Public domain works only
  • Can’t load existing audiobooks

Best Audiobook App for iPhone

Librivox, unlike Audible, is actually a free resource to listen to audiobooks on the Internet. The initiative has actually gained momentum since its launch in the year 2005. There are almost 50k audiobooks available in the free domain that were read by individuals from across the web. The app supports downloading these audiobooks in more than 30 languages.

You can easily find classics such as The Art of War by Sun Tzu, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Pride and Prejudice, etc. The app itself is really easy to use along with no need to register for an account. If you want to keep your library and progress in sync, then you can sign in via your Google account.

Having 50,000 titles at hand, you guys may get lost easily. That’s why LibriVox also offers a robust search function. You guys can search via keyword; browse by title, author, or genre; check out its recently added audiobooks. | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Good collection with notable authors
  • Easy to use


  • A bit expensive is actually a mixed bag along with quite a few classic audiobooks available for free and 100k premium audiobooks. That you can sync and listen to after subscribing for $14.95/month actually. Again, just like many other big players in the audiobook niche, the first audiobook is free after that you get 1 audiobook a month. You can also buy additional credits as well.

Travelers will be really happy to know that you can download audiobooks for offline listening. You can bookmark and also add a note for later reference. The UI is really easy to navigate and browsing audiobooks is a joy. You can also browse via genre or keyword.

Other app features that you would expect such as playback speed control and skip back and forth are all there.

Google Play Books | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • No subscription
  • Works in browser
  • Good collection


  • Limited app features

If you guys are an active Google user, then you will probably go with Google Play Books app. Well, on this app, you guys can do more than listening to a book from your favorite author. You can also listen to eBooks, comic books, and textbooks as well. The app basically covers all types of digital content.

google play books

Google Play Books has a really large catalog. It’s not as massive as Audible, however, neither as small as iBook. Nevertheless, the purchasing process is as simple as it can be without even having to pay a monthly subscription.

It really does not matter if you have used the app prior to Android because the syncing process is linked to your Gmail and not to the phone. One less thing to worry about actually. Furthermore, you can also even listen to audiobooks from the comfort of your own car in case you use CarPlay actually.

Scribd | best audiobook app for iPhone


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Large collection
  • Supports different formats and content types


  • Can’t find any

Scribd is actually a subscription-based platform that allows you to test and familiarize yourself with it for around 30 days. When the trial month ends, the subscription then starts at $8.99, which is the cheapest so far actually. When you are a subscriber, you can then enjoy unlimited access to all sorts of digital content from audiobooks and eBooks to magazines and newspapers as well.


The not-so-great part about them is actually that even though they claim you to offer you unlimited access to audiobooks. Most of the time they might surprise you along with a less pleasant message. Every now and then, they will notify you that your access to the particular content of audiobooks for a period not longer than one month will be limited.

Anyway, it rarely happens actually, and their service is really unique. Because it’s the only app that gives access to newspapers and magazines, and they also have no problem with the format, so that you can delve into almost everything.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “best audiobook app for iPhone” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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