The Best Music Sync App For Streaming


Streaming music is actually the most convenient way to listen to your favorite songs. Sure, vinyl may be making a resurgence among audiophiles along with lots of great inexpensive turntable options. However, wrangling physical records is actually a pain for casual music fans. And if you guys are concerned about sound quality, then it may surprise you that streaming music can sound indistinguishable from or even better than a CD actually. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Music Sync App For Streaming. Let’s begin!

There are some of the best Android apps available on the Google Play Store that basically allows users to sync music on multiple devices. In this way, the same music will play on many devices at the same time in order to amplify the volume.

Well, we all love to have a party along with our dear friends and family. On Parties, music is really necessary, and it actually makes everything more enjoyable. But, imagine a situation where you were partying along with your friends. And because of a sudden power outage, the speakers went silent.

These little things can actually ruin the whole day because everyone loves music when partying. We all have no other option left apart from just waiting for the power in order to kick in. However, since we all have a smartphone, we can also utilize our devices in order to sync music and amplify the volume.

The Best Music Sync App For Streaming

Thankfully, there are a handful of apps on the Play Store that will help you sync and stream music across a number of mobile devices, in order to amplify the effect. However, many of these music syncing apps for Android and iOS are either filled with ads or don’t work at all actually. Fret not as we did the hard work for you and found the best apps to turn a few phones into a sound system as well.


Rave is actually one of the best apps that’s available for Android and iOS devices. The best thing about Rave is that it can stream media from many famous sites such as NetFlix, YouTube, etc. Not just that, however, Rave also got the ability in order to play media files saved on cloud storage such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Rave allows users in order to stream music files along with your friends to create a speaker system. The feature does not end here as Rave also offers a built-in messaging app that you can use to chat with your friends as well.

music sync app

Well, rave also comes along with a built-in messaging system so that you can chat with your friends, or the DJ, in real-time. It also comes along with audio support that means you can hold a karaoke night. And then sing along to the tunes of the song for others in order to hear actually.

Rave also comes along with a contacts section so that you can send invites to friends who are not on the platform yet. It also supports Vimeo in case you use that in order to stream music.


JQBX will definitely help you to discover the best music around the world together. Along with your friends, enjoy the music together, and also always have access to it 24/7. JQBX hooks into your Spotify account and is 100% free to use as well.

The idea of this app is to create a new room (or join the one that already exists). Then create a playlist and then invite your friends to join as well. The rooms can be public or private – it depends on you. It is also possible in order to chat in that room. JQBX used to be available for iOS as well but, nowadays, unfortunately, it is available for Android only.

Every room has a dedicated chat box where you guys can share your thoughts about music, life, or anything else too. You can single out a single person in the room through tapping the ‘@’ button and picking them from the list. In other words, JQBX is a great app that basically helps to keep all the music organized and share it easily.


This app is really simple and gives the opportunity to sync the music on multiple devices. You do not even need an Internet connection. This app works through Wi-Fi which makes it perfect for home parties. You can also stream music from different services that include up to 25 000 radio stations. You can also control the volume and playback of all the devices remotely as well.

The app goes on Android, however, you can also put it on your PC along with Windows or Linux.

music sync app

The free version basically limits sharing to 2 devices and permits streaming only for 15 minutes. If you upgrade the app, then you will get unlimited access to all of the functions. Before upgrading, we recommend you to check what devices SoundSeeder work on.

You can also control music, playback, and song selection from the host device without even having to touch the other devices. There is also a sync button on the top right in case if you feel sync is not perfect. That resyncs automatically in the background and you can then set its frequency.

The app is ad-supported and the free version will give you permission to connect more than 2 devices for a max duration of 15 minutes. The pro version will basically cost you $4.49 and is totally worth it.


AmpMe is probably the best free app in order to sync your music on different devices. It goes for both Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to stream the music and video from your music library or also from YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud. You guys can sync your music up to your friends nearby or who are far away from you too, or to strangers across the world.

You can also start your own Live Party and any person can join it as well. Being a DJ, you control what your friends are listening to and they can suggest their tracks too. This app allows streaming music to Bluetooth speakers as well.

music sync app

The app basically works especially well with streaming services, you guys may have troubles with streaming music from your music library on most of the devices, though.To start this, simply download and then log in using Google or Facebook account. I suggest you to use Google because AmpMe also supports YouTube. Then, you can create a party which then your friends and folks nearby you can join as well. Even total strangers can also join you in the fun. There is an inbuilt chat feature that will permit you to communicate with the person who is actually hosting the party. Ask him/her in order to play your favorite song.


Chorus is basically another interesting Android app that allows its users to sync music over multiple devices. The app depends on the Bluetooth in order to sync music across the devices. You just need to create an account and invite your friends to join you through Bluetooth. When you join, the app then allows its users to sync music files that are locally saved. The app is absolutely free to use, and it does not show any ads. However, it’s a little bit buggy, and you guys can expect a few crashes during the music sync. So, Chorus is also another best music sync apps that you can use right now.

There is also an automatic sync feature that basically works in the background so that you do not have to worry about that anymore. Chorus has a beautiful and functional UI that works nicely however, occasionally, throws a hiccup here and there. For the most of its part, it’s an awesome app. Keep in mind that the song will restart and play from the beginning whenever you resync manually. The only drawback is that it works with locally saved files only.

Vertigo Music

This app is for iOS users who do not like listening to music all alone. You can also share your playlists with thousands of folks all around the globe, exchange opinions on different pieces of music as well. You can also sync with different music services, like Spotify or Apple Music as well.

Well, with Vertigo Music you can’t play music on multiple devices simultaneously. However, you still can sync up to others and experience different kinds of music as well. It is a social network, so that you need to sign up actually.


There is a discussion section where you guys can communicate with the world and take part in discussions pertaining to the music track playing. However, the best thing about Vertigo Music is that it actually supports two of the most famous music streaming services namely Spotify and Apple Music and much more. Use it in order to listen to the same track, sync music, and stream it either in the same room or in different corners of the world actually.


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