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The Best Note 9 Apps That You can Use

Well, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is as beautiful as it is powerful, along with its Super AMOLED display, powerful Snapdragon 845 processor, 128 GB storage, and of course, the S-Pen makes it a truly SMART phone actually. However, to use the device to its full potential, you guys need apps that make the best use out of Note 10. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Note 9 Apps That You Can Use. Let’s begin!

Although there are many features preloaded on the Phone for example the S-Pen remote, on-screen notes, doodling, etc. These apps also offer exclusive features but there is so much more than we can do with the apps in this list actually. So, here are some of the best apps for Galaxy Note 10 that enhances your Galaxy experience as well.

The Best Note 9 Apps That You can Use


best note 9 apps

If you often indulge your self-making notes and comments, then you must switch to this application. You should not underestimate the use of the S Pen actually. This can be your best friend whenever you make your important notes and reminders. In order to make this thing possible, there’s an application called Squid. Being an Editor’s choice on Google Play store, this app provides you an interface to make notes and comments easily via the Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen and maintain them properly. Also, you can sign your PDFs with the S-Pen and that’s really neat.

Note Buddy

Note Buddy is an app that basically automates your S-Pen removal action and Headset removal action. You can also map an app with an action whenever you plug in headphones on your phone actually. The app detects if the S-Pen has remove and based on that it invokes an app. such as, select your own sound effects or open your favorite music app, when you delete or insert the S-Pen.

Sound Assistant | best note 9 apps

Have you guys ever accidentally played a loud video in the class and the volume bar decreases the ringer volume rather than media volume? Samsung has also created an app in order to solve this problem. Sound Assistant permits you to add a custom media volume bar for every app. Well, in simple words, if your media volume goes from 0 at the silent mode to 10 at the highest volume. You can also set level 3 as maximum volume for Instagram and 10 for the Spotify app as well. Now, if you’ll have to tap on the volume rocker 10 times to go from muted to 3 volume in the Instagram app, however, doing this in the Spotify app will actually take you from mute to volume 10.

You can set scenarios like how your phone would sound during work hours or nights. Also, you can also play sounds from multiple apps simultaneously along with this app and that is really impressive actually.


Snapseed is an image editor app which you can download from the app store and this app is absolutely free for all iOS users. It is also awarded as an app of the year in 2011. The app is a smart image editor that provides a really wide range of tools for rework on photographs.

best note 9 apps

Snapseed is peppered along with trappable buttons that look nicely tactile approach to applying on filters. If a user needs to change a parameter then they can drag finger upwards in order to adjust its strength you slid your finger across the canvas.

The interface to applying filters in this app working along with tools is also the advantage of texture. Snapseed retains the original design smarts enough to be familiar to outside users and reasonably good for new users as well.

AMOLED Wallpaper | best note 9 apps

Your phone actually remains incomplete without a perfect wallpaper. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has also a super AMOLED infinity display screen. So, probably the AMOLED wallpapers are ideal for it actually.

There is also a special thing about such a display screen, the darker area of such a screen won’t use the battery life actually. Means, if you guys are using a darker wallpaper on your screen, then it will most likely save your battery life. You do not have to hunt them on your own actually. There are many applications that give such wallpapers.

best note 9 apps

The AMOLED Wallpapers application is basically one of them. It has a huge database of these types of wallpapers having higher screen resolution. This app is popular for its dark wallpapers. These wallpapers have been intentionally designed in order to save battery life on your AMOLED powered smartphones. Hence, when you make your phone beautiful, then you are saving the battery life, that’s actually the purpose of the AMOLED display screen.

If you want to make your selection quick, then this application has around 1o categories. You can also browse the wallpaper via these categories. The team in the background has also done fabulous work in gathering these minimal and beautiful wallpapers actually.


Well, the best game for the Galaxy Note 9 can be subjective and then you can have a different opinion than me. Fortnite is actually the best ongoing multiplayer game of 2018. It was basically released exclusively in partnership along with Samsung smartphones and plays really well on Note 9. If you do not play multiplayer games then check out our list of best games for Galaxy Note 9.

best note 9 apps

PlayGalaxy Link | best note 9 apps

The upcoming game streaming from Samsung has actually something to look out for. It also allows you to stream PC games on your mobile and also controls the character with its on-screen controls. It is not, however, unique and according to the reports online, Parsec is also helping Samsung develop the service for Galaxy users. Just like Parsec, you guys can stream games from your computer as well as play it directly on your smartphone via WiFi, 4G, or 5G connectivity.

Setting up PlayGalaxy Link is really simple, head to the Samsung website and install the program on your Windows computer. Do the same on your Note 10/10+ and then install the app from the Galaxy Store. Right now, the service is exclusive to Galaxy Note 10 devices however, it eventually will be released for other devices as well. If you do not have a Note 10 and also want to experience the streaming on your smartphone. Then you can still install Parsec and stream games from your computer right now actually.

PicsArt Photo Studio

Well, these days, we are more open to edit our pictures and present them along with some twists. If you guys intend to do the same, then you must install a dedicated application for this purpose actually.

When reviewing these applications, we found PicsArt Photo Studio a better option. More than 500 million users are using this application all around the globe. The main purpose of this application is to serve the numerous amount of customization features and a simplistic user interface as well.

That makes it possible in order to edit your pictures easily and create some amazing visuals from the start. It has inbuilt some other tools that include drawing panel, collage maker, camera app, and a few more too. Hence, you can consider this application as an all-in-one tool. When editing images and share with your friends, you can also share them in their community as well. If you are really an artist, then nothing will stop you from being featured on their home screen.

This application is absolutely free to use. However, your reach can be limited to many objects such as premium fonts, stickers, images, and a few more things. Otherwise, the free version has each and everything that you could ask.

Instagram | best note 9 apps

Well, everybody knows about Instagram, it is a perfect photo editor app for Android. This app basically helps its users to stay connected with the entire world. Through sharing their photographs and images with their contacts and family members.

best note 9 apps

Instagram offers many effective editing tools and filters, as well as provides a possibility to share, like, and comment through posting different photographs and videos as well. Instagram is also available for free on the Google Play store.

There’s no other picture application that rivals against this social platform whenever it comes to the number of active users on it. Even a report suggests that Instagram has been more famous among business owners as compared to Facebook and all other social apps.

MX Video Player

MX Video Player is actually the best choice for you to enjoy your favorite videos totally for free and it is also configured in order to play music files too.

The MX Video Player houses the useful features of hardware acceleration, multi-core decoding, pinch to zoom, zoom and pan as well. And also the subtitle gestures in order to make the player easy for you to use. MX Video Player also offers you a great interface when you play videos.

mx player

You can also play any type of video with subtitles along with the MX Video Player. That supports multi-core decoding, CPU optimizations, child lock, and also full compatibility with Jelly Bean. The benefits of MX Video Player Free is that it has built with Great Holo UI, H/W+ decoder on supported devices; Background playback as well.

However, overall, MX Video Player is the most famous and downloaded video player app for Android available on the Play Store.

Skype | best note 9 apps

Well, skype also works on mobile, has tons of other users across the world, and is free. So long as you and your contacts have a Skype account as well. With more than 350 million users according to Search Engine Journal. You won’t actually have a problem reaching out to the rest of your contacts, old and also the new ones.


Also, it’s one of the most long-running video chat apps in the industry so that nearly everybody knows how they can use it. That also means you get less downtime, especially if you need to set up a handy communication tool for your staff.

If you guys want a tool that allows you and your team to circumvent distances and beat deadlines that much faster. Then this might be the add-on you need to get you and your pals through the day actually.


This is one of the most famous applications that you must have on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Whenever you make most out of your S-Pen, then this application can you can grab the best content from the Internet and save it for your own purpose using this application as well. You can easily clip URLs and content from the web and also gather them in the one place the way you guys want.


In Pocket, you can also save articles and videos in order to read and watch when you have free time via any Pocket device. A user can never be short of something in order to read or share it again. The Pocket is actually the perfect distraction for journeys long train trips in signal black holes and flights as well. | best note 9 apps

If you guys are looking for something creative that’s an application. That facilitates som some good gaming experience then this app is definitely for you. is the working title of FPS along with enhanced virtual reality technology. That allows gamers to use the phone to shoot, and the battlefield is the surrounding streets. In order to create a real battlefield, with peripherals compact sensor called 363R Trigger attachments up the player’s equipment as well. You can also record the entire process to play 720 p quality to enjoy or also share with your friends.

With that, the have slowly introduced the storyline of the game. The player will live in the Earth’s environment in the not-so-distant future where humanity was separated by two main factions. The man and The Evolved actually. The Evolved species which is a robot created by a virus named Along with the only task is to destroy the human race actually


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “best note 9 apps” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

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