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The Best Origami Apps for Android that You can Use

Origami is actually a great hobby to have a good time. Through folding paper in a certain way, you guys can learn something new and even calm your nerves as well. First, you have to decide what origami actually is. In this article, we are going to talk about The Best Origami Apps for Android that You can Use. Let’s begin!

Well, in reality, contrary to belief, we can say that this is not the easiest entertainment actually. Origami is a whole art, via mastering it a person can create something really beautiful from a flat sheet of paper. You convert 2D to 3D through creating three-dimensional figures out of nothing.

If you guys are already starting to think that we are going to give you a full lesson in origami now, then obviously we are not. We have something better specifically for those folks who would like to learn how to work with paper actually.

The Best Origami Apps for Android that You can Use

How to Make Origami

  • 3D animated shapes
  • Refresh and toggle steps easily
  • Add shapes to favorite folder

You guys do not have to think about the functionality and purpose of the application. It is already reflected in the name actually. And even if the folding paper does not seem attractive to you, you guys can soon change your own opinion as well. In primary school, you guys probably folded the simplest figures already. Here you guys can learn a little more and get more new skills as well. From just a simple piece of paper, you can get a bouncing frog or any other figure that you want.

origami apps

Even if something has not worked out during the origami process, in How to Make Origami then you can go back a few steps or repeat the entire process from the very beginning. We guarantee, that soon you guys will be finally drawn into this fascinating world actually.

Download – iOS | Android

Paperama | origami apps

  • Virtual Origami game
  • Hints at every step
  • Background music support

The Paperamar app is actually presented as a simple and intuitive application. That even folks who hold the paper in their hands for literally the second time in their lives can also begin to use it. Bright design, pretty look, and also a logo depicted as folded letters – literally each and every detail fits the idea.

origami apps

In Paperamar you can select the level that suits your current skills. Here you don’t have to use physical paper or tear out sheets from your notebooks actually. All of the materials are provided directly in the app, on your iPad screen. You can also fold the Virtual sheets of paper according to the instructions on many fold lines, as well as following many other instructions.

In Paperamar you guys will see a truly realistic 3D animation of your figures. All levels are accompanied via a great soundtrack, that will allow you to relax even more and also get a lot of fun from the process.

Download – iOS

 Skilled Origami | origami apps

  • Variety of intricate designed
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Only on iOS

A really interesting grey elephant will be actually the main borrower of your free time. Do you guys want to advance a little in the art of origami or just improve your own technique? Or maybe you are planning in order to create the entire paper zoo, however, you need help in this difficult task?

origami apps

Well, in that case, the Skilled Origami app and its elephant on the icon are here to help you. You guys will find a massive number of step-by-step tutorials in the app that show you how you can work with the paper along with incredible precision. If you guys follow all of the rules of folding and also be careful, then you are guaranteed great results actually.

Well, lots of animals, flowers, planes, and many other figures are already waiting for you inside the Skilled Origami app. If you guys like to work with paper, however, do not want to search for video lessons all over the internet, then this app is exactly what you guys need actually.

Download – iOS

 Specific Origami Apps

origami apps

Well, I’m sure the first time you tried your hands at origami, it was just with a paper plane or a boat. At least for me! However, now I still want to try out to make them but probably different types and shapes actually. Whilst most of the apps teach realy basics of these shapes, there are so many apps dedicate to making specifically shaped Origami. For instance, paper planes, weapons, boats, as well. Here’s also a list of those particular Origami apps if you want to polish just a certain origami shape actually.

Origami Simulator

  • 3D simulation of Origami patterns
  • Import or export patterns
  • VR support

Origami Simulator is actually web app that basically lets you simulate origami patterns. So that you guys can see in real-time how a pattern will unfold. It is actually a bit different from the other apps because it shows you a 3D view and folds all of the parts simultaneously at once instead of step by step. In terms of control, you guys can also use the slider to fold and unfold the paper. You can also rotate and zoom in and out as well. For a normal user, you guys can try to play with some of the basic shapes like flapping bird, crane, train, etc. You guys can also view this in virtual reality thorugh turning on WebVR in the browser and Vive and Oculus headset.


You guys can also import or export SVG files along with the option in order to record the simulation and save it as a picture.

Download – iOS

How to make Paper Airplanes

Well, in order to create your own aircraft, you do not need to have a complex engineering education actually. And then spend your entire life working with heavy equipment. You can also take an ordinary piece of paper and start creating that, a beautiful creation will then come out of your hands after that. Origami actually helps you to create your own planes using only paper, your own fantasy and How can you make Paper Airplanes app.

The app is really easy to use and you should be able to make a paper airplane from the ery first time as long as you have done each and everything according to instructions, of course. Paper origami also allows you in order to develop motor skills, and it is also great for noisy and naughty children actually.

Through installing the application How to make Paper Airplanes, you guys will be able to occupy for a long time not only yourself but also your children as well. who will either watch your actions or also try to repeat everything exactly after you actually.

Origami Challenge

Origami Challenge is also another application that is split into different difficulty levels. At each and every level, you guys will perform a task that will be rated according to different criteria. Such as, repetition rate, as well as the accuracy of paper folding too. Along with Origami Challenge, you guys will also create something extraordinary on your tablet screen, literally guided via a few hints actually.

You guys will need to fold the paper along with some precision. Inside the main Origami Challenge application, there are also mini-games, as well as individual game modes actually. All of this diversity in the gameplay does not actually let you get bored. In total, the game has more than a hundred different levels, that is actually not so easy to pass. You can also share your achievements can with friends, as well as sent to social networks.

Show them some of the most popular geometric shapes in an unusual way, and Origami Challenge will also help you visualize it all actually. Well, throughout the course of life, a person can change many hobbies. These can also be computer games, cross embroidery, sports competitions and much more than that. Not inferior to them and origami actually.

Origami Paper Craft WiKi | origami apps

Origami is actually the most ancient art that not everyone can understand as well. We all know that there is a popular WiKi service, that allows you to learn literally each and everything about this world!

Now the origami universe also has a similar service as well, an application that is called Origami Paper Craft WiKi. Along with it, you will surely amaze your friends with your new skills and art. In Origami Paper Craft WiKi there are a lot of different animated instructions, that are basically designed to help you in making figures. Each and every figure has its own 3D instructions for you to follow in order to make it a reality.

Paper Craft WiKi

Surprisingly, all of the instructions are implemented in such a way that even a little child can follow them as well. And he will get a delightful result actually. Of course, you guys should consider the level of complexity of the figures and gradually increase it as well. You won’t have to look for individual video instructions or ask someone in order to show you the technique – Origami Paper Craft WiKi has everything that you need.

Child Origami(100+)

Well, children are as interested in origami as adults. Probably, it is even worth noting the fact that most often interest in these figures occurs before the age of 18-20 years actually. Therefore, there is a separate category of instructions and details that are designed for children. Well, in this area, the Child Origami application was developed, which contains more than a hundred simple instructions.


In this application, your child will be able to find the figure that he or she likes most. It can be different animals – such as a giraffe, fox, cranes and other animals, as well as fish and insects. Each and every image hides a full instruction, that will be easy for your child to understand.


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “origami apps” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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