The difference between Do Not Disturb mode and Focus mode User need to know


Consistently, Google presents a great deal of perfect and helpful highlights with the disclosing of another rendition of Android. This year, the American tech monster has dumped the pastry themed terminology. However, didn’t neglect to package in some extraordinarily helpful highlights with Android 10. There is a difference between Do Not Disturb mode and Focus mode  .

There’s a lot of publicity about the recently presented signal route framework and framework broad Dark topic. However, they are off by a long shot to being Android 10’s most valuable component.

In the wake of presenting Digital Wellbeing with Android 9.0 Pie, Google has extended its vision with Android 10, adding Focus Mode to the Digital Wellbeing family.

What is Focus mode

The focus Mode gives you a chance to pick the most diverting applications on your telephone and suspend all their activities for a pre-decided period. Flipping on Focus Mode when you’re attempting to complete some work can be extremely helpful, as neither you nor the applications are permitted to associate with one another.

Presently, in case you’re not focusing on the better subtleties, Focus Mode can feel a great deal like Do Not Disturb (DND) mode. The two of them can enable you to complete some work, indeed, yet their working guideline isn’t generally the equivalent.

Focus Mode versus Do Not Disturb mode

The recently presented Focus Mode gives you a chance to pick the applications you need to rest, set the schedule vacancy wherein you would prefer not to be aggravated, and keeps the applications mum. Flipping on Focus Mode clears ominous warnings from those applications, prevents new ones from coming in, and even keeps you from “coincidentally” opening the select applications when shouldn’t. After you turn it off, you get all the suspended notices.


DND, then again, hushes every one of your alarms, including calls and messages. Applications can send notices, yet neither will your screen light up nor will your gadget make a peep. You can set a timetable for this too. However, you can’t choose specific applications/benefits that would be hushed.

To summarize it, DND and Focus Mode do share a couple of things practically speaking. However, the last is, without a doubt, the more adaptable of the two. From allowing you to pick and quietness your applications to utilizing your still, small voice against you, Focus Mode does significantly more than DND and is increasingly valuable.

As the application’s still in beta, we’re yet to see and outfit its actual potential. In any case, if early signs are anything to pass by, Focus Mode could stand out forever as Android’s best includes.


So these differences make the Focus mode and Do Not Disturb mode differently. These both are very helpful and make using smartphone useful. User can use both these features usefully. As these features are useful for the users. Focus mode is more precise to different android apps. Whereas the do not disturb, style is more related to smartphones applications.

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