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The list of applications which every college student should install

writingCan’t keep up with the rhythm? Have plenty of assignments to complete? Don’t know what to do? You are not alone. Lots of students are flooded with academic tasks. Apart from studies, they do sports, take part in extracurricular activities, and serve internships. Let alone part-time work.

Be that as it may, some students can combine all these and even have extra time! How is that possible, you might ask. After all, we all have just 24 hours a day. Well, the secret is simple. They use helpful apps that help them stay on track in various life aspects. If you want to improve your productivity and self-efficacy, welcome aboard. We have put together the list of must-have applications to make your life easier and better.

myHomework Student Planner

Student life is no joke. Behind every course are tons of college assignments that you often can’t handle. myHomework Student Planner will help you track your tasks, prioritize them, set deadlines, and even share them with your colleagues. Plus, if you agree on this app and set it up as a default in your classroom, your teacher will be able to create assignments and set up deadlines right on the app.

Google Drive

Cloud-based apps are in the limelight these days. They are widely used for two main reasons:

  1. They work impressively fast
  2. They are reliable

Google Drive is a veteran in this industry. And it is clear why. The app allows you to keep tons of documents under lock and key. Once you upload them, you don’t have to worry about them.

Besides, Google Drive is accessible through plenty of devices. You can access the app using any device, at any spot and time, and share any file with a few clicks.

Pocket Thesaurus

Writing essays is one of the most frequent activities in academia. The number of written papers varies depending on a major. But the fact is, students have to compose a lot of essays.

As we all know, excellent papers are grammatically correct, have proper punctuation, follow the format and structure. Also, they should be accurate and eloquent when it comes to content.

Pocket Thesaurus is a superb app to furnish your essay with fascinating words. The application provides tons of synonyms and antonyms that will make your essay good-looking, peerless, and thought-provoking.

Working on an essay and have turned off the Internet connection to stay focused? Worry not, as Pocket Thesaurus is accessible offline! Use it whenever and wherever you want, and your essay will improve shortly.


Note-taking is a typical routine in academia. Some take notes during lectures. Others do that at home when reading books, watching educational videos, and listening to podcasts. What strategy is most effective? It is for you to decide. We just want to nudge you to install Notion as your primary note-taking app because, well, it’s perfect.

If you have ever used Evernote, consider Notion the same app but on steroids. In Notion, you can do anything your heart desires, starting from writing essays and taking notes (obviously), and ending with tracking your workout activities and dietary changes. Notion is a revolutionary application; it constantly develops, adding new features and opportunities.

What is even more exciting is that you can find numerous templates you can use for any purpose. The Notion community is stunning, and everyone can contribute to the app advancement, creating unique templates.

Notion is a freemium app. Everyone can use it for free for as long as they want. But if you are a student, you can get a pro account for free just by signing up with your college email address.

Google Calendar

Needless to say that students often have issues with their schedules, forgetting and accidentally missing deadlines and classes. If you want to be more organized and keep track of your projects’ due dates, classes, and non-academic meetings, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Google Calendar is an excellent and straightforward app that works amazingly. The app allows you to create events, assignments, and anything that has a deadline. Of course, it is free, so at least this fact makes the app worth downloading.


Ever dreamed of learning a new language? Now is the right time to achieve this goal! With Duolingo, you don’t need to hire overpriced tutors anymore. Duolingo is a top-notch app that offers lots of languages to learn. Every language is created by native speakers and teachers, which allows you to master your grammar and pronunciation.

Duolingo has long been at the forefront of apps that use Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to AI, learners can follow a unique learning path. This allows them to learn more words and understand how the language operates without rote-learning.

Tomato Timer

People often misinterpret the meaning of productivity. They think the more you focus on a task, the higher your productivity is. It’s hard to measure their anger when they spend hours on a task and can’t complete it.

Instead of doing the same, download Tomato Timer. Based on Pomodoro Technique, it is an outstanding app to help you complete the task as quickly as possible and retain your productivity and concentration.

In simple terms, our attention span lasts less than 30 minutes. Trying to work longer, we sacrifice our efficiency and engagement, which leads to mediocre results. This technique proved helpful a long time ago. Use it when studying for exams, and you will observe significant differences.

Office Lens

Having a scanner is a thing of the past. Not only is it expensive to maintain, but it also takes plenty of space. With Office Lens, you can create high-quality scans using your smartphone. Convert images to PDF, Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files, digitize handwritten or printed text, enhance pictures, save and share them on Google Drive, and many more.


Every year, students have to buy a dozen books to follow the curriculum. They can cost you an arm and a leg, but no one cares about that. If you want to cut your expenses, the Chegg application is your best option. Chegg comprises thousands of books you can borrow by paying a small fee or even for free. Pay only for the time used. This way, you will manage to save a significant amount of money.


The list can be limitless. However, the mentioned are fundamental apps that every college student should use. These applications aim to boost your productivity, enhance your knowledge, and make you more efficient. Do you use any apps from this list? If so, let us know in the comments section below. Cheers!

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