Tips & Tricks – If Your Mobile Charge Slowly


Do you know the reason why your mobile charge slowly? You don’t like it when you plug your mobile in to charge it before you leave the home and check that it is not charging? How do you feel when you connect your mobile and it barely charges? These problems are common, and fortunately, the fixes don’t want you to run out and purchase a new mobile right away.

If the drop in mobile charging speed is because of a damaged or poor battery. Then you can change the phone battery. But if you check a serious change in the charging speed, there are many other things you can try to resolve this slow charging problem.

Tips & Tricks – Mobile Charge Slowly

Mobile Charge Slowly

Change the Data Cable/Charging cable

USB cables bear a lot of abuse. Especially when different mobile users use the same cord. They are bent, dropped, and saved in places with significant difficulties in temperature (like your car).

So if your mobile charging is slow, then you should try another cord. If your mobile charges at various speeds depending on the cord you use, you might want to buy a newer, good quality cable.

If still, you are using the thin USB cable that comes with your old mobile then modify it. The latest USB cables are quite thicker and carry more power in it.

Adapter Issue -> Change Adapter

While you’re at it, simply try to switch your adapter with the cable. If you are still using the old adapter that came with your previous phone, it’s not working or the latest one would. However, the new adapters have a higher power output that can charge your mobile faster.

Power Rating Issue -> Check it

If you use another charging outlet and look that your phone charge slowly, it could be that the outlet doesn’t give enough power output. There are also wall outlets with USB charging ports. Just check the power output of these wall USB outlets. Some can output 1A of current, which is insufficient to fast charge your mobile. The latest mobiles usually need 2 – 3A of current for a fast charge.

The fix for this is quite easy or simple. Just move the adapter to the various outlets and view if the charging speed increases.

Charging Port Problem

The port can also cause issues and slow down your phone charging. Simply use a flashlight and look inside the port on your mobile, using a magnifier, if applicable. Also, view the small particles that might be trapped inside. These particles secure a good connection and slow down the process of charging. If you view something in there, then use a toothpick or soft brush to erase the obstruction.

Shut Down Background apps

If your phone still charges slowly, it means that the additional apps executing in the background can cause this issue. Both iOS and Android have settings you can check to view which apps might be draining the battery. Head over to your Settings menu and choose Battery to view which apps you can close.

Poor battery

You could erase your battery and check it to view if there was damage. Recently, though, experts switched to non-removable batteries you can’t view.

Simply for damage after checking the back of your mobile. Look for a slight jump over the battery.

If your mobile charge drops quickly from full charge to half of its charging life, it could highlight a damaged battery.

Don’t use your mobile during charging

Although it’s attractive, don’t use your mobile while it’s charging. Rather than, leave it alone after you put it on the charger. Also, consider disabling it. It will charge fastly as there are no drains on the power.


If your mobile charge slowly, I hope that these fixes help to speed it up. You can’t be able to get it back to the lightning-instant charging you had after you pulled the mobile out of the box, but you might be able to make it simpler to take your mobile and not worry about it dying instantly.

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