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How Do I Turn Off GPS on My Phone – Tutorial

Turn Off GPS

Your location can also be tracked via your phone’s GPS data. GPS i.e. Global positioning system can identify where you are, and also what time you were in a specific location. It’s really privileged information and it also makes sense that users would have the option in order to turn off GPS on their phones. Surprisingly though, you guys cannot find a GPS setting on most phones, especially the newer ones. This doesn’t actually mean you can’t turn off GPS on your phone. You can, if you guys know where to look. In this article, we are going to talk about How Do I Turn Off GPS on My Phone – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

GPS actually has been rebranded on most phones to something that’s more user-friendly, ‘Location’ as well.

Turn Off GPS On iPhone

Choose the “Settings” tab on an iPhone or iPad, and then select “Privacy.” Choose “Location Services” in the “Privacy” settings to see all the applications that asks for access to your device location. Deny location access to all apps at once along with the location services slider bar at the top of the list, if you want. Location tracking can also be stopped or also added on a case-by-case basis; for instance, adding it for a map or also gas-prices application. Turn location services on for particular apps via turning it on for each chosen app in the list, individually.

Turn Off GPS On Android

Open the Settings app and head to Security & Location. Under Privacy, click on Location. Turn the Location switch off as well.

This will effectively turn off GPS on your phone. If you guys want to stop any and all location data is saved, click on Google Location History, and disable it as well. Google Location History saves places that you’ve been and it doesn’t actually detect them via GPS alone. It also detects your location through the WiFi network you connect to so it’s a good idea to disable this service as well.

Side Effects

Whenever you turn off location services on your phone, a lot of other functions are affected. The obvious one is that you guys cannot use the OS’ location tracking feature in order to find your phone and you cannot use live location sharing. Plus, you also will not be able to use apps that need your location in order to function e.g. Uber or Google Maps.

On both iOS and Android, you guys have the option to selectively enable location for apps. That basically means you can choose to allow Google Maps access to your location however, block Facebook from doing so. You do have to have location services enabled and when they are, then your GPS is being transmitted. There’s no option on either OS to block GPS transmission. However, still, allow apps access to your location. It just isn’t possible actually.

You may also have heard that Google has been caught along with its hand in the cookie jar again with respect to location. It has been transmitting users’ locations even whenever they had the services disabled. Unfortunately, there’s no solution for this just yet. You can disable locations but if your device is one of the ones that Google is stealing data from, this won’t make any difference.

Reasons to Turn Location Tracking Off

GPS or location tracking keeps tabs on your whereabouts all the time, which is based on your device location. If you’re taking pictures on a vacation and posting them online immediately, for instance. Then the images may be tagged along with location, posing a potential safety threat. As others will know both where you are and that you are not home as well. Some applications may also use your location data in order to send targeted ads.

GPS or location tracking services left on can also drain a phone’s battery or also even use minutes from your data plan. Since the mobile device continually sends and receives information pertaining to its location as well.

Reasons to Leave Location Tracking On

Most of the time, location tracking can be extremely useful or even potentially life-saving. If you go hiking in an area where cellphone service still works, location tracking can also help pinpoint you or your device if either should get lost as well. The same proves true on a road trip on back roads in an area where phone service works actually.

Some apps also help find restaurants, gas stations, and hotels whenever you’re on the road. Location tracking can show what’s nearby if you guys are on foot or if you are driving, and unfamiliar along with the area.


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