Tutorial: How To Wave Back On Messenger


Do you want to wave back on Messenger? Facebook’s Messenger app is proffered a famous and the best way to connect with your loved ones i.e family and friends. However, it’s certainly a bit confusing to use. But one difficult feature is to “wave” at someone. Don’t fret, though: We’re going to make it easy and simple for you!

One automatic wave while adding a new contact

automatic wave while adding a new contact

After adding a new contact in Messenger, you’ll then view a new message that seems even if neither of you has said anything yet. Head over to this message and you’ll then view a note from the app itself saying you that your new friend is waving at you (and the same yellow hand will display). You’ll then automatically have the choice to wave back, simply click the second waving hand icon. Make sure it works only one time, though. If you want to wave at a longtime Messenger friend, then use a trick …

Wave anyone in your contacts who is “online”

Wave anyone in your contacts


If you want to wave to someone then:

Step 1:

Head over to Messenger, but don’t move to your Chats (the “speech bubble” icon in the lower-left).

Step 2:

Rather than, click the center icon that seems like two people, and you’ll then move to your Contacts tab.

Step 3:

At the screen top, you can select b/w Stories and Active.

Step 4:

Simply click the Active button. A list of all friends appears who is online in the app.

Supposing someone is listed that you want to wave to. Just click the gray hand to the right of their name, and voila! Then you’ve included a hand wave to your chat with that friend.

Use the Facebook website to wave

Use the Facebook website

While using the actual Facebook website on PC or laptop (as opposed to the Messenger app on mobile), waving is quite easier. The number of contacts appears in a frame located on the right side of the web page. Initially, there won’t be a hand icon, but if you scroll your mouse over your friend’s name and hover there, then the grey hand will appear. Tap the hand and a happy yellow wave animation will seem in your chat with that friend.

Take back a wave


If it’s less then 10 minutes as you sent a wave mistakenly, don’t fret— you can simply undo it! Head over to the chat with the unlucky wave and long click (simply put the finger on the yellow hand and hold your finger for a few seconds). Now the choice will appear to “Remove” the wave, which is followed by “Remove for everyone”. Now the waves should disappear from both the friends and the chat window.

Emojis and other choices

Emojis and other choices

There’s an alternative way to spice up your latest waving abilities. However, the “emoji” button. However, the Facebook website or the messenger app. Head over to a particular chat window with a friend. One of the choices in or around the text box must be a round smiley face. Simply click or tap that and the emojis list will appear. You can now add all sorts of facial expressions and hand gestures!


Here’s all about “Wave Back On Messenger”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Have you found any other method that you think we can’t cover in this article? Comment us below!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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