Tutorial To Use iPad as a Second Screen For Mac Or PC


Do you want to use your iPad as second screen for your Mac or PC? Several monitors are awesome. With two display screens side by side, you can easily view all your windows at once, keeping you more productive. You can also use it as a 2nd display for your desktop PC or Mac.

But remember an iPad can’t compete with the original monitor in terms of price or size. But after having an iPad it is your double duty as a second monitor at your desk. Or also your laptop when you’re out and about. You just want a little stand like this one or a case having an ability to keep your iPad upright. The amazing apps that provide this ability cost $20 or less.

Unfortunately, there are no good free choices for this. Splashtop offers a free model of their app. But it works only for 5 minutes and you want to shell out some money. There are lots of choices, all with identical price tags, but we think Duet Display ($19) is the best choice.

Use iPad as a Second Screen For Your Mac Or PC

Use iPad as a Second Screen

Step 1: Install Duet Display on Your iPad and PC

To fulfill this, you just want two apps. One on your iPad, and one on your Windows PC or Mac. Just take Duet Display for your iPad from here, and the free server app for your PC here.  Just install both.

You just want a lightning-to-USB cable, so take one of those now. Duet Display can’t work over Wi-Fi. Also, to be frank, you don’t want it to–wireless introduces some dally But a wired connection is quite repair smooth. Your iPad’s going to be the next to your PC, so you don’t want a cable would constrain you.

Step 2: Plug Your iPad

Next, begin the Duet Display server app on your PC, then launch the Duet Display app on your iPad. You should then view this screen when you do.

Connect your iPad into your PC via lightning-to-USB cable. However, your iPad starts to light up with an extension of your Mac or Windows desktop. Move your cursor to your desktop right, and it’ll move over to the iPad. You can also touch the iPad to control OS X or Windows. It couldn’t be quite simpler or easy.

Step 3: Adjust Your Display Settings

Now, while you might have a working desktop, you probably can’t get the best experience out of the box–so you must try to adjust some settings.

Initially, let’s adjust your PC display settings. By default, Duet Display suppose your iPad is to the right of your PC. But if you try to put it on the left (like I do), you can simply adjust your settings so your cursor works well. Windows users can also access these displays after right-tapping on the desktop and select “Display”. Mac users should move to System Preferences > Displays.

You should then view two squares. One square is representing your main PC monitor, and the other representing your iPad. Simply tap and drag the iPad’s square down, up, or to the sides, to position it. Well, I use my iPad to the left of my laptop, so it means that I have to move the iPad’s square to the left side.

Once you’re done, just close your Display settings.

Then, open Duet Display’s settings after tapping its icon in your system tray (Windows) or menu bar (Mac).

From here, you can simply adjust a number of other display settings. We suggest keeping Framerate at 60 FPS and Performance at High Power. But just lower both if your PC isn’t strong enough to handle them, or if it’s losing too much battery power.

But for resolution, try some options and view what works best for you. The higher you go, the lower the experience will be, but the lower you go, the less you’ll be able to view on the screen. For my laptop, 1366×1024 was a good medium, but your mileage might vary.

After you’ve tweaked things to you’re liking, you’re ready to go–initiate using your PC and enjoy the increased productivity of two monitors!


Here’s all about “Use iPad as a Second Screen”. Duet Display is not the only app of its kind. iDisplay ($20), Air Display ($15), and Splashtop ($5) are all amazing options and have the benefit of being wireless. But it tends to be slower as a result. In our experience, Duet Display is the best as it gets.

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