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User Guide: How To Block Instagram Mentions

Do you want to block Instagram mentions? While we enjoy getting alerts when someone ‘likes’ our Instagram post. Have you opened the app to search out that a random person has mentioned you in a comment? Certainly, it’s might just a mistake, and oftenly it could be an irritating friend. So how can you deal with it? Is there any alternative way to stop people from mentioning you on Instagram? Yes, it is. You are in the right place.

What do you know about ‘Mention’ on Instagram

Mentioning is just like tagging; however, it quite differs in its purpose. Whenever you tag a person, you are highlighting that you present with the person (ideally), however, mention is used to chat directly with (or reply to) a specific person. You can also mention people in comments, Stories, and captions. Clicking on a mention redirects you to the user’s profile.

After you mention a person on Instagram, they get alerts allowing them to know (similar to a tag). However, it applies if the person enables mentions.

Who have the rights to mention me on Instagram

Instagram enables you to select the audience that you enable to mention to you. By default, Instagram enables everyone to mention you in their comments, stories, and captions, irrespective of whether you follow them or not.

There are 3 choices to select from: Everyone, People you follow, and No one. If you allow the third choice, no user can mention you. When they try to @yourusername they will be alerted that you can’t enable mentions.

Stop being mentioned on Instagram – How-To

Unfortunately, there is no technical way to secure individual people from mentioning you. But in case, if you someone mentioned you, you can modify your audience for who can mention you. How to do?

block Instagram mentions

Follow the step below:

Step 1:

At first, launch the Instagram app, and head over to your profile by clicking your profile picture under the right corner. Click the hamburger menu in the top right corner.

Step 2:

In the slide-out menu, choose ‘Settings’.

Step 3:

Head over to Privacy > Mentions. Now choose ‘People You Follow’.

Step 4:

Once turned on, only the accounts that you follow can @yourusername. If you don’t want anyone to mention you, choose the ‘No One’ option.

Step 5:

Block Instagram mentions

You can also block anyone who you don’t like to be mentioning you. A blocked account can’t mention you. However, you can’t view each other’s posts or find each other on Instagram at all. If you want to block an account, head over to the account in question, then click the 3 dots located in the top right corner, and choose ‘Block’.

Can you erase a mention on Instagram?


Unfortunately, you can’t remove yourself from a mention. Besides a tag, that you can erase by just clicking the post, a mention is the part of the caption, and therefore cannot be erased.

You can also block an account once the user has mentioned you. However, your profile will still remain in their mention. However, once you block them, they can’t be able to mention you in their caption, story, or comments.


It looks strange that Instagram can’t provide a choice to erase a mention. For now,  besides modifying your audience, all just message the user and request them to erase the mention. If you have any questions or queries then feel free to comment us below!

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