User Guide On Add A Location Bar To Finder On macOS


Do you want to add a location bar to finder on macOS? Finder displays the name of the recent folder in the title bar. Also, you can turn on a path bar if you want to. The path bar appears under the Finder window and once you tap on any of the folders in the path, you can simply move or jump straight to it. The path bar is quite similar to a location bar. But if you’re searching for something that’s closer to what Windows has then it’s a way to copy the path and view it in an easy text format. Also, you’re going to turn on various sort of path bar and use an app.

Location bar in Finder

Before you proceed further, let’s check if the path bar will do the amazing trick for you. It’s quite easy to turn on or turn off so you must try it. Head over to Finder and move to View>Show Path Bar. The path bar will appear under the Finder window and all Finder windows that you open.

If the Path bar isn’t what you’re searching for open a Terminal window and execute the commands below, one by one.

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool YES
killall Finder

This will also include a location bar at the top of the Finder window such as the title bar. However, you can also hide the Path bar if you like or leave it as it is an instant way to move to a folder. If you want to hide this bar, execute the following two commands, one by one.

defaults write _FXShowPosixPathInTitle -bool NO
killall Finder

Well, the location bar is not quite initiative i.e., you can’t choose it and copy the path to the clipboard. If you want to turn on copying the path to the clipboard. You want to download a free app called FinderPathInstall the app and remember head over to the Applications folder before you execute it. You will want to provide the accessibility access before you can use it.

Once it’s all done, double-tap the location bar and you want to copy the path to the clipboard. FinderPath also works with Catalina. If you want to erase focus from the location bar, click the Escape key.

macOS has quite a simple way of copying paths to the clipboard. Also, it works for both files and folders. Simply right-tap either a file or a folder then holds down the Option key. Also, you will then view a choice in the context menu just to copy it as a path. However, it’s not quite the same while having a location bar though.

FinderPath has some essential features too. Also, they work with keyboard shortcuts. You can also move to the parent folder, visit the Home folder, then open a new window among other things.


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