User Guide On Convert a MOV File To MP4 On macOS


Are you the one you try to convert a MOV file to MP4 on macOS? We all know that QuickTime is the stock video player on macOS. Also, it’s one of the minimal popular apps that Apple has designed. However, it changes a MOV file to an MP4 file. Now the feature is gone so if you’re executing a macOS version that is Sierra or earlier. So, you have a simple way to change a MOV file to MP4. Also, you are going to use iMovie. It comes to build-in on some recent versions of macOS. So you must have it on your PC. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to use hardly so that it probably be enough to send you searching for another choice. Let’s come check how to use iMovie to change a MOV file to MP4.

Convert MOV to MP4

Head over to iMovie and create a new project. Then include the MOV file to the project’s library simply by dragging and dropping it on to the area of My Media. Once included, simply drag & drop it onto the timeline. All done!

Now you can export the file as an MP4 file. Head over to File>Share>File.

In the panel that opens, choose a resolution and quality for the video. Make sure don’t choose ProRes as you’ll end up with a MOV file again. However, the remaining qualities will provide you an MP4 file. Simply tap Next and provide your file a name then save it wherever you want to.

The process isn’t that difficult. But iMovie is difficult intuitive to use. The feature that enables you to change a file to an MP4 file is hidden under a ‘Share’ choice. You don’t really expect to find a save feature there.

MOV files can also be converted using online apps but when you explore the export choices, you will be able to modify the quality freely and choose any resolution you want. Also, you get a total of the output file’s size and it will modify to match the quality as you set. It’s quite handy. Just like the ‘Compress’ choice, you can select whatever you want. It can’t modify the format.

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