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Do you want to Download YouTube Videos on macOS? If yes, then you are in the right place. YouTube also block apps that can install videos from the website. One tool we used to install videos from YouTube is youtube-dl. But make sure the tool is a command-line and not we all are comfortable using one. If you need to install YouTube videos on macOS. Then you can use the youtube-dl tool using a GUI with ViDL for Mac. It’s a free version tool that can store videos or it can save just the audio from them.

Do you want to install YouTube videos on Windows 10? Then you need a desktop app for the job, and there’s also a technique that you can use on an iOS device.

Install YouTube videos on Mac

Download or Install ViDL for Mac. You can then extract the zipped file and move the app to the Applications folder. You can then input a URL to the video you like to install. Or else you can search for it. The app can also search for videos on YouTube. But once you search it, the results are not good, or most relevant. It’s good to use a URL. The app can also install one video at a time. However, if you provide it the URL to a playlist then it can download all the videos in the playlist.

You should choose the ‘Convert to mp4’ choice just in case and tap ‘Start Download’. The video will be downloaded by default into the Downloads folder. But you can modify where the app saves it. However, if you want to download audio, choose the ‘Audio Only’ choice.

ViDL for Mac can’t offer quality selection. But the video that it downloads is in HD quality. If it won’t default to the lowest quality then that video is available in. Also, it provides a browser extension for Safari that you can install and use to download videos from the browser. If you can’t use Safari, you can then get a bookmarklet that you can use in other browsers.

The download will take a few hours as the larger video is.

If you don’t prefer a desktop app and are just searching for the bookmarklet or Safari extension. Then you can visit the app’s page connected earlier and get it from the FAQ section. If you have no idea how to use a bookmarklet, simply drag & drop it onto the bookmarks bar and release it. Now, navigate to a YouTube video, and tap the bookmarklet.

ViDL for Mac not only for YouTube. But it can also download videos from other websites.


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