User Guide On Unhide Or Hide Desktop Icons From The Menu Bar On macOS


Do you want to unhide or hide desktop icons from the menu bar? If yes then you are in the right place. macOS has lots of essential commands that you can execute to modify small settings and also there are essential settings in the System Preferences app that must be quite simpler and easier to access but aren’t. So, Switch Manager is totally free Mac app that adds these essential switches in the menu bar. One of them also enables you to hide and unhide desktop icons. It also provides you instant quick access to the volume slider, brightness slider, and the restart, sleep and shut down function.

Hide/unhide desktop icons

Install the Switch Manager and take it to the Applications folder. Execute the app and it will add an icon to the menu. Once you tap the icon, it will display you a list of the switches that it supports, which is ‘Hide Desktop Icons’. Simply use it to toggle the visibility of the desktop icon. However, the icons immediately hide and there’s no need to quit Dock or Finder.

The other switches on the menu enable you to secure your Mac from sleeping. Allows Do Not Disturb, turn on Night Shift, and also toggle hidden file visibility. Also, there’s a toggle for the dark mode but it can’t work when we examined the app. However, the Hide Dock switch doesn’t look to work either.

The volume controls and brightness as well as the restart, sleep, and shut buttons are all located at the bottom. The setting button, when tapped is imagined to open System Preferences but that didn’t work.

The app can’t offer any amazing features that you can’t find on other apps. For example, if you try to keep your system awake, you might use Amphetamine and it’s quite easy. But in case if it is not easier to use than Switch Manager. But make sure Switch Manager offers that and more. Also, it’s a collection of quick settings that some users probably want to access, and having them all in one place is good.

For the switches that can’t work, it looks odd as they don’t. We did try to restart the app a few times but it can’t help. Switch Manager runs on version 2.3 so it’s not a new app and it compatible macOS 10.7 and later so it is Catalina supported. The app is totally free so there is not enough to complain about. Also, it probably just be that all the switches can’t work the way they’re assumed to due to some uncertainties, system-specific modify on the test Mac. Simply give it a try and view how well it works for you.


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