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User Guide On How To Auto-Reply To Texts On The iPhone

Have you ever experienced Auto-Reply to texts on the iPhone? During driving you don’t like people to think you’re avoiding your texts, you might want to think that you are setting up the automatic text feature while driving on the iPhone. Also, it’s best to avoid texting during driving. Because it’s the main reason for car accidents.  In this guide, we’ll discuss how to set up auto-reply during driving and related features like stop receiving text alerts during driving. In this guide, we’ll also show you how to use an auto-reply to texts for Do Not Disturb While Driving and iPhone auto-reply texts to phone calls.

This guide is going to display you how to set your iPhone to auto-reply to calls and texts so that you can concentrate on driving or, frankly, not feel requires to be secure to your phone all the time.

We all have friends who start overreacting or thinking that you hate them if you wait longer than 10 seconds to reply to a message. Also, we heard or experienced bosses who do the same thing. Simply set them up for email and texts but I’m focusing on text messages today.

How To Auto-Play To Text On iPhone

Well, in advance I want to use an auto-reply so it doesn’t disturb you when you’re alternatively occupied. However, the function is designed into iOS so it takes a few seconds to configure auto-reply while driving on your iPhone.

First, simply add Do Not Disturb to the Control Center for easy management.

Step 1:

Initially, choose Settings on your iPhone

Step 2:

Then click Control Center

Step 3:

Next, click on Customize Controls

Step 4:

Click the green icon next to Do Not Disturb While Driving, which will add it to Control Center.

Now you’ll be able to instantly turn Do Not Disturb While Driving on or off as required. Then we want to set up the message and reply settings.

Now let’s set up a Do Not Disturb While Driving auto-reply:

Step 1:

At first, open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click Do Not Disturb

Step 3:

Now move down to set enable to ManuallyWhen Connected to Car Bluetooth or Automatically

Step 4:

Also, set Auto-reply To to All ContactsRecentsFavorites, or No One.

Step 5:

At last, if you want to customize your Auto-reply message or leave the default auto-reply.  “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb enabled. I’ll then view your message when I get where I’m going.”

However, these steps used to configure your iPhone to auto-reply while driving. Also, you may like to set some granular parameters. For example setting your iPhone to only send auto-reply texts in your contacts, not those we don’t know or spam texts.

And here’s how to configure auto-reply:

Step 1:

Initially, Open Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click Do Not Disturb

Step 3:

Move down and click Auto-Reply To

Step 4:

Select who you like to Auto-Reply To from these options: No OneRecentsFavorites, or All Contacts.

Next, you can also select to either leave the default text or write your own. The text default auto-reply says, “I’m driving with Do Not Disturb While Driving Enabled. I’ll view your message when I get where I’m going.”

Once configured, simply auto-reply to texts is to enable Do Not Disturb.


Make your auto-reply message short and easy. It a thing like ‘Sorry, I am not available right now. I will reply to your message whenever I can.’ It works for colleagues, friends, bosses, and anyone else who probably text you and can’t contain themselves for the time it takes for you to reach or be able to reply.

You can also set up many canned reactions if you want to but you can only use one at a time.


Have you ever tried to auto-reply the calls on your iPhone? It works quite similar to replying to messages. If you don’t enable the phone ring or share the caller to voicemail, an auto-reply is another choice. It isn’t exactly automatic as you want to choose Message during the incoming call but it’s good to have answered it.

Come let’s set it up first:

Step 1:

Initially, head over to Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click the Phone app

Step 3:

Click Respond with Text.

Fortunately, you can also keep the default reaction to Response With Text or you can write your own.

Then, during incoming calls, choose Message above the Accept button on your iPhone to reply with the canned reaction while configured. Simply choose the message in the popup window also confirm and you’re good to go.

Rather than auto-reply for texts, you can also select from various canned reactions to calls. Also, you manually have to choose a reply when you choose Message so you get to select what reaction you share depending on who is calling. These reactions will be ready and available making it efficient to alerts callers you aren’t available.

Stop iPhone Call Or Text Alerts During Driving Or Busy

While trying to navigate through busy streets, or simply trying to navigate, at last, you want to disturb by incoming call or text.

The same Do Not Disturb function already used can help here. The iPhone has a particular setting for Do Not Disturb While Driving and we can also use it here.

Initially, add it to Control Center.

Step 1:

Initially, Choose Settings on your iPhone.

Step 2:

Click Control Center

Step 1:

Click Customize Controls

Step 1:

Choose the green icon next to Do Not Disturb While Driving to include it to the Control Center.

Then, during driving, move up to take the Control Center and choose the car icon to start Do Not Disturb While Driving. During motion, the phone analyzes it and stop annoying you with phone call notifications or text alerts.

However, Setting up an auto-reply to texts on the iPhone is essential while traveling a lot or are often in cases when you don’t want, or cannot, answer a text or call.


Here’s all about “Auto-Reply To Texts On The iPhone”. Is this article helpful? Have you ever experienced it? For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below. Don’t forget to share your thought in the comment section below!

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