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User Guide On How To Block Group Invites On WhatsApp

Group messaging is an essential feature in most messaging apps. Such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and also iMessages. WhatsApp has been neglectful in this area for a long time. There is no upper limit on the number of people that can be added in a group. But you can block group invites on WhatsApp (messaging app) from those people you don’t know.

Block group invites on WhatsApp

This an amazing feature on WhatsApp and it’s available on both versions of the app (iOS and Android). Remember the app is up to date on your device.

Step 1:

Simply move to the Settings tab, and click on Account. On the Account screen, move to Privacy.

Step 2:

Once you enter into the Privacy screen, look for the Groups option and click it. On the Groups screen, you can select who can, and who cannot invite you to a group. Simply set the default to ‘Everyone’. It means that the person who has your phone number can invite or add you to the group.

Step 3:

The ‘My Contacts’ choice enables only those users who swap messages with and added to your contacts to add you to a group. It means that, certainly, you just add those people to the group you trust.

Step 4:

The ‘My Contacts Except…’ option enables you to exclude some contacts from adding you to a WhatsApp group. This is the most limited or restrictive choice. So, you can use it to block invites from a contact who wants to add you to groups that aren’t essential.

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