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Change Default App on Start: The Honor 9x was launched by Huawei in October 2019 and runs on an Android 9.0 OS. While not one of the leading models, it’s rising in popularity. Also, it offers an all-day battery and also a triple camera. While the phones have decent quality, not everyone enjoys their display and set-ups.

Thankfully, Huawei made the Honor 9x quite customizable. So if you aren’t loving the default apps that run when you start up your phone, you have the choice of modifying them.

Finding The Default Apps

First, you will need to plan which apps you prefer to come up automatically when you turn on your phone. However, maybe you would enjoy using the Photo Editor Pro besides your phone’s default editor. Also, you have the choice to modify this when prompted by your phone, setting this ahead of time can save you time.

Since the Honor 9x has an Android OS, you can also move to the Google Play Store to select out some favorites. Move ahead and install whatever apps you like to run on startup.

Starting on your home screen, tap on your “Settings.” Next, move to “Apps” and then “Default Apps.” After doing this, you should view the master list of apps on your Honor 9x.

Making The App Change

Once you view the full list, you can start switching things up by choosing the default apps that you no longer want as the default and correct that setting. Then, you can find the new apps that you want to appear in. Once you choose them, you should view an option to make them a default app. Now your favorite apps should be set as the default.

Switching Your Launcher

If you like even more customization choices, then consider choosing a Launcher app. A Launcher, also called a home-screen assistant, can help you personalize your phone to the max.

For example, Nova Launcher works for any device with an Android OS. It provides you many options, including switching up your app drawer, latest themes, backup assistance, and optimized speed.

If you have the plan to switch to using a Launcher, the process is quite similar but slightly different. Follow the process for switching the default apps. Once done in the “Default Apps” section, tap “Launcher.”

You can also select the launcher that you’ve installed. From there, just navigate back to your home screen and get started.


Here’s all about “Change Default App on Start”. Alright, your phone should now be set just the way you like it using your new apps in place. Make sure that if your phone crashes, it will automatically reset to its original settings. In this case, you’ll just need to go through this process again to reset the apps you want.

Users are already loving its design of these devices. Hopefully, these changes can help you enjoy your new Honor 9x also more.

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