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Create Proxy Server: Proxy servers are useful because they act as mediators between your PC and the internet. However, they also make online requests for you, and then they return back the requested information. If you want to create a proxy server yourself, know that it isn’t as complicated as it looks.

In this article, you read on for more details about proxy servers, their uses, and instructions for creating a proxy server. Make sure instructions for creating a proxy server will apply to Mac and Windows OS.


Do you know what is a proxy server? It’s a conciliator or a replacement server. Also, It provides your PC a different IP. In simple terms, proxy servers add more privacy to your online presence and also store lots of bandwidth.

While using a proxy, internet traffic and files are all compressed. Also, all the unwanted parts are left aside. Proxies are very essential to companies with tons of workers with similar browsing habits (news sites, etc.).

Proxy servers are faster because they look up cached website versions, without installing any other unwanted files. However, Proxy servers can also be divided into two categories. These are private and public. Generally speaking, private proxies are faster because fewer people use them. Private proxies are also safer for the very same reason.

When compared to a VPN service in terms of privacy and security,  a proxy server is far less effective. If you’re searching for a VPN, check out NordVPN. However, it’s one of the fastest and safest virtual private networks.


Proxy servers are mostly set up by employers, schools, and other places. Because in those places there are many people connected to the same network. Proxies provide the owners of the network a better view and control of what’s going on.

To use the internet in a school, for example, you must attach to your school’s proxy network. Proxies are the main cause of why network administrators block many websites with ease.

Well, it might be a basic firewall. That’s how the sites are restricted, and nothing should stab the network.

You don’t want to own a business, or anything else to set up a proxy. Just install it in your home if you have several devices and want good control over the household’s internet use.


There are two ways you can create a proxy server on a Windows PC. One way is with an automated script, and the other way is manual. Come let’s start with the instructions for using the script:

Create Proxy Using An Automated Script:

Step 1:

Firstly, on your Windows PC, launch the Settings (Start>Settings).

Step 2:

Tap on the Network and Internet option.

Step 3:

Tap on Proxy settings.

Step 4:

Allow the Use Setup Script option.

Step 5:

Input the script address you were given. Also, choose Save. Then you can exit the settings, and the script should become effective.

Creating a Proxy Server Manually:

Step 1:

Again, open your Windows Settings (as you have done before).

Step 2:

Choose Network and Internet options.

Step 3:

Choose Proxy.

Step 4:

Allow Use a Proxy Server under the Manual Proxy Setup tab.

Step 5:

Input the IP under the Address tab, and the Port number in the appropriate field.

Step 6:

Once done, Save the changes and exit this menu.


Creating a proxy server on Mac PC isn’t difficult either. Let’s come and check how to do it:

Step 1:

At first, Start the System Preferences menu.

Step 2:

Choose the Network tab.

Step 3:

Find the Advanced option and pick it.

Step 4:

Then, choose the Proxy option. Here, you can set up the proxy automatically if you select the Auto Proxy Discovery, and your PC will configure everything on its own.

Step 5:

Or, you can do it manually. Then, you must tap on the type of proxy, input its port, and address in the appropriate fields. You also need to input the proxy server credentials in case the server is password secured.

Step 6:

Once done, tap on OK to save the changes and create the proxy.

You’ll also check different types of proxy servers. HTTP is the most popular one, but it isn’t very safe. However, the other HTTPS is a more stable version of HTTP. At last, SOCKS has many uses, e.g. it’s amazing for torrents, but it’s quite slower than other types of proxies.


Proxy servers are quite handy. However, it depends on your needs. If your major concern is security, and online privacy, then using a VPN service is a perfect choice. Also, proxies are very popular and have many uses.


Here’s all about “Create Proxy Server”. Are you ready to set up a public or personal proxy server? If so, then share your view with us. Also, for further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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