User Guide On How to Get Fewer Emails From Microsoft Teams

Did you recently begin using Microsoft Teams? Do you receive many emails alerting you about every update and action taken on Microsoft Teams? Do you like to opt-out of them? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here’s a complete guide that helps you to stop unwanted emails from your Microsoft Teams account so that you get some emails from the service. Come let’s check how to get fewer emails from Microsoft Teams:

How to Get Fewer Emails from Microsoft Teams

Follow the steps carefully to get fewer emails from Microsoft Teams:

Step 1:

Initially, open Microsoft Teams on your computer (either web or software). Then tap on your ‘profile icon’ on the top right side of the screen.

Step 2:

Choose ‘Settings’ just to open settings for your Microsoft Teams’ account.

Step 3:

A prompt appears in your browser window. Simply tap on ‘Notifications’ in the left sidebar of the dialog box.

Step 4:

Here’s a list of actions on your right that enables you to send notifications. Any choice that has ‘banner and email’ listed in the drop-down menu enables you to send you an email.

Among the choices in the drop-down menu. Simply select either of OffOnly show in feed, Banner to stop Microsoft Teams email notification. Also, you can do this manually for all notification types.

Step 5:

Automatically Microsoft Teams save the modification made by you. Just tap on the ‘x’ in the top right-hand corner of the dialog box to store your settings and move back to your Microsoft Teams’ account.

Tip: Besides taking the pain of turning off emails for every notification type.  You can instantly reduce the number of emails by just erasing the email option. The first one is the ‘Chat messages’ notifications, and another one, all types of ‘Mentions’ notifications.


Now you must receive a huge amount of emails from your Microsoft Teams. You can always turn on these settings by following the same procedure in case you like to get alert using your email account.

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