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User Guide on How To Manage Amazon Video Subscriptions

In this article, you’ll learn how to manage your Amazon Video Subscriptions. Amazon Video is a very popular service that attracts many latest users each month. Using Amazon Video, you can stream the content you like to watch. Rather than pointlessly moving through TV channels every night. Also, it saves a lot of time and makes life more convenient.

If you’re a newbie or wondering how to subscribe, keep reading to find out everything you want to know about Amazon Video subscriptions.


Amazon Prime Video is like an Internet video-on-demand service. However, it launches in 2006. Also, it’s becomes very popular with users switching from standard cable TV to more modern choices. It enables you to stream lots of movies and TV shows whenever you like. All you have to do is connect via smart TV or other devices. A few years ago, Amazon started producing its own exclusive content, best TV shows and movies, available only to Amazon Prime users. Also, Amazon obtains rights for broadcasting sport-related content. Last year, it begins broadcasting live English Premier League football matches. It’s a milestone for Amazon Video as it was the first time in the history that the coverage can’t display exclusively on television, but on streaming service as well.


Starting to use Amazon Video is quite difficult. But if you have a Prime membership, all you have to do is to move the section Prime Video and begin searching for your favorite movie or TV show. If you like to watch a Prime title, look for movies having a Prime logo or a sign that says Watch Now with Amazon Prime.

If you like to watch content on your Android phone or tablet. Simply move to App Store or Google Play and install the Prime Video app. Once signed in, just streams your favorite movies and TV shows wherever you are. Also better, you’ll be surprised by the good quality of the video, on smaller screens.

If you like to access Amazon Prime from your TV, you need to install the Prime Video app. Also, register the latest device. Tap on the section Sign in and begin watching. There you have it! You can also access Amazon Videos from any device.


After buying Amazon Prime Video, you can also get access to Amazon channels. Simply get Amazon Prime membership and you’ll be able to select from lots of various channels. Some popular include HBO, Hallmark Movies, Showtime, CBS All Access, etc.

Amazon Channels are best for people who love watching so-called niche channels. They also offer you lots of channels with content tailored just for you. From cooking shows to various sports, music channels or foreign language channels, there’s something for everyone.

While having Amazon Prime, the additional cost for having access to Amazon Channels will be from $4.99 to $14.99 monthly. It is based on how many channels you would like to subscribe to.


If you can’t wait to begin using Amazon Video, simply become an Amazon Prime member. Many users have an Amazon Prime membership. Most features can’t cost them anything. Prime membership enables you to watch lots of Prime Video titles for free.

Now the membership fee for Amazon Prime is $12.99 per month. If you like the service, it’s always a good choice to pay yearly membership as it’ll cost you $119.

There’re different discounts as well. For example, if you’re a student your Prime membership will be free for the first six months. Amazing, isn’t it?


If you would like to watch a movie or TV show that’s not available in Prime Video. You can purchase it or rent it for a couple of days. It’s also possible to find everything, from the new movies to classic hits. Movie rental price begins at $2.99, depending on the movie you’d like to rent.

There are different sections that help you browse. Simply take a look at the Academy Award movies section, Golden Globe movies section, Family movies, etc. If you seem carefully enough, you’ll find many good deals. As movies are added regularly, you can always find interesting deals and discounts.

If you’re looking for a specific episode of a TV show that you’ve missed. However,  you can also purchase a single episode. If you’d like to watch the whole season, also better as you get a big discount. You can purchase a TV Season Pass and get access to the new episodes of your favorite show the day after it airs!


Amazon Studios brought you exclusive movies that came to Amazon Prime a few days after their premiere. Some of the most viewed Amazon Original titles are movies that won Academy Award, like Manchester by the Sea or The Salesman.

But with the high-quality video, Amazon Prime offers, you can watch those movies on your TV and get a sensation as if you were in the front row of a movie theater.


Amazon Video is quite simple and easy to use. Also, it guarantees you access to all kinds of exclusive content. Whether you would like to watch the latest TV show, an old Hollywood classic, Amazon’s got you covered. There’s something for the entire family, that makes Amazon Prime a very good investment.


Here’s all about “Manage your Amazon Video Subscriptions”.Have you tried this service? What are your best features and what do you usually watch? We would like to hear from you in the comments section below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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