User Guide on How to Set Minimum Password Length Win 10


Set Minimum Password Length Win 10: Experts are always telling you that you should always have a strong password. But, the issue with long passwords is that it’s impossible to have to remember them all. The consequences are, you end up creating a short and simple to remember password.

If you know better than that and what to secure others from doing the same thing. It’s best if you create a minimum password length on your Windows 10 PC. However, after adding a minimum password length, you can make sure that the password will not be so easy to hack.

How to Use Powershell to Create a Minimum Password Length

The following codes will work on both Powershell or the Command-Line. However, you can also use the program you’re more comfortable with. Let’s get started:

Step 1:

Firstly, Right-tap on the Windows starts menu.

Step 2:

Select Powershell (run as administrator)

Step 3:

When Powershell appears to look for this: net accounts /minpwlen: PassLength

Step 4:

Also, replace Passlength with the number of minimum characters the password should have. For example, if you want your new password to have 10 characters, then the new command will seem like this: net accounts /minpwlen:10, 

If you input everything correctly. Then the prompt would display you a message allowing you to know that it was completed correctly. You can also add a password that’s as long as 20 characters. But the length shouldn’t be too long. Whenever you have the prompt open, you can check to view if your command has really been accepted. By entering the net accounts command, you should be able to view the information. Allowing you to know how long the password length is.

How to Remove the Minimum Password Length

If you ever regret setting that minimum password length, then don’t worry. However, there’s a command you can also use to undo everything. To remove password length for local accounts type net accounts /minpwlen:0


Here’s all about “Set Minimum Password Length Win 10”. If you like to keep your account secure. Then all of your passwords should have a decent password length. However, the longer it is, the more difficult or hard it’s going to be for someone else to get into your account.

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