User Guide on How to Set Temporary Password on Windows


Set Temporary Password on Windows: Sometimes when you provide your password to your loved ones. When you’ve no time getting online, and you want something from your inbox. As you don’t know if anyone you trusted with your password kept the info to themselves. However, you should modify your password from time to time.

But, with so many things to do, it’s quite easy to forget to modify that password. The best thing that there is a choice in Windows 10 that forces you to modify your password after a particular amount of time and that it’s beginner-friendly. But you don’t have to ask your tech friend for any help.

How to Give a Local Account a Temporary Password

The choice to provide your password expiration date is not an option that is on by default on your Windows PC. But, by disabling an option, your PC will allow you to do this. Simply open the run box to access the choice. Also, you can do this by hitting the Windows and R keys. When the run box opens, input netplwiz and tap OK.

A User Accounts window appears. Just tap on the Advanced tab, followed by the Advanced option near the bottom right.

In the new window, tap on the Users folder icon and right-tap on the User whose password time you like to change. In the new window, tap on the Properties option, which should open the Administrator’s Properties window.

When the new window a pops up, tap on the Properties option and uncheck the 3rd option down that’s the password never expires option.

How to Provide Your Windows 10 Password an Expiration Date

After disabled the feature that secures you from providing your password and expiration date. Now it’s time to provide the password expiration date. If 42 days is OK with then, it’s good to leave things as there are since that is the default time for Windows 10.

To get started, simply use the Command Prompt or the Windows PowerShell to do this. You can also open the Command Prompt by searching for it in the search option. Also, you can open PowerShell. However, to open PowerShell as an administrator, right-tap on the Windows start menu and select that option.

In the PowerShell window, input net accounts. Once done a get a message appears allowing you to know that the command has been entered correctly. To modify the password date, input net accounts /maxpwage:00. Also, replace the double zeros for the number of days you like to password to last. Don’t forget to hit Enter.


Here’s all about “Set Temporary Password on Windows“. The more often you modify your password, chances are less likely your account will be hacked. As you can view, the steps to modify the time on the passwords are beginner-friendly. How long do you want your password to last? Share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

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