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User Guide on How to Use Google Translate Transcribe

Do you want to use Google Translate Transcribe? The one difficult thing while traveling to other language countries and states is not understanding their language. Yes, We planned many things correctly. But, when we can’t communicate while our vacation. All our plans may fall under difficult conditions. But, When we have our Android, we can ignore things like that. We can also use Google Maps to search for the best route. Now Google also rolls out the Realtime Transcribe option in the Google Translator app. Before our official rollout, some apps can do the same job. But, They are not as good as the Google Translator. Google also keeps adding more languages. But, Currently, reduce languages are supported in the Transcribe.

How Google Translate Transcription Works?

As we already know, some languages are not available as an offline option in Google Translate, Ways send to the Google server and process. After the process, you will also get the required translated result. However, it’ll happen in real-time, and AI does the whole procedure. The same process goes for the Transcription. Google also keeps adding more amazing features to the translator app. However, the camera feature in Translator acts as a Google Lens type feature to translate real-time objects like menu cards, signs. Also, It is greeted by the users. Like that, The Transcribe feature is a necessary one.

Supporting Languages

As in early-stage, some languages are supported. Soon Google will roll out the support for many languages. Currently, English, French, German, Hindi, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai languages can be transcribed between them.

Supporting Audio Types

Also, Transcribe can analyze speeches, lectures, and Audio files. However, it can separate the voice from the environment sounds. But quite an environment is advisable.


Transcribe between the supporting languages in real-time.
You can also copy the whole conversation, including the original text. If you turn on the option in settings.
Ad-Free usage.

How to use Google Translate Transcribe in Android Mobiles?

Currently, Google will roll out this feature to only smartphones devices. We can also expect it soon on iOS too.


  • You have an Internet Data connection.
  • You should select both From and To languages.
  • Google Translator version above 6.6.1. Also, it may vary depending on the devices.
  • Also, download the Google Translator app from Play Store.
  • Simply open the app and then set the form language and to language. Analyze language will not work with the Transcribe. So, You have to select both languages.
  • Select “Transcribe” and talk in your language. It will be automatically converted to a foreign language as a text.
  • You can also adjust the Text Size in the settings within the Transcribe screen. Also, you can view the Original text(Your Speech).


It is amazing in a real-time experience. If you are the owner of a Pixel, you may know about the Google Recorder app that works quite the same way as this Transcribe feature. The same method is used to translate languages. But the Recorder app can work in offline status. Also, The Translator can’t do the Trabnscribe job also if you install the offline language packs. We can also expect these features in the future. Also, If they add voice to the translated language result, it will be essential. When the person can’t view our phone for whatever reason. Then it will be helpful when we tell them our thoughts using a voice like Google Assistant. What are your thoughts and views on this new Transcribe feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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