User Guide on How to Use the Fn Key Lock on Windows 10


Do you want to use Fn Key Lock on Windows 10? Keyboards having an entire row of keys at the top, that are labeled F1, F2, F3…….F12. These keys are present on all keyboards. These keys are called function keys and they perform two different functions. As Fn keys, they have a Secondary action as they control the brightness, volume, music playback, etc.

On a computer, in the BIOS the default function of the Fn keys is set. However, When you hold the Fn key, it will enable you to use the secondary action (discuss above) of the Fn keys. Some laptops allow you to lock the Fn keys. This is just like turning Caps lock on which enables you to input all capital letters. However, the Fn key lock works exactly the same way. When you enable it, it’s like you’re holding down the Fn key.

Lock key feature

You must remember that not all keyboards have an Fn key lock. As purely it is a subject to the make of a keyboard. Also, it is not like to do with drivers or a Windows 10 feature.

However, you enable the Fn key lock by holding down two keys. These two keys are the Fn key, and the Fn lock key. The Fn lock key is same as the Escape key having a padlock on it. However, the locks may be present on some other key so view around. If it isn’t there on any key on your keyboard, you cannot turn on the Fn key lock.

Turn on Fn key lock

To enable the Fn key lock, click and hold the Fn key, and then click the Escape key, once. Then release the Fn key after and the Fn key lock will be enabled.

But make sure if your Fn keys by default controlled media such as volume, playback, etc, enable the Fn key lock will make it. Now, Fn keys execute the secondary function that F1-F12 does. Such as F1 opens Help in an app or F12 opens the web console in your browser on PC.

To turn off the Fn key, repeat the entire process you followed to turn it on. Also, click and hold the Fn key, and click the Escape key once. Now release the Fn key.

However, there’s no way to force a keyboard to lock the Fn keys. You might put an AutoHotKey script simultaneously that will enable you to toggle the Function keys. However, if you find you need to use the secondary action of the keys, it’s good to just modify their default behavior from BIOS.


Here’s all about use Fn Key Lock on Windows 10. Do you like the functions of the Fn key? Is so, let us know your thoughts, suggestions, and opinion in the comment section below!

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