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Do you want to move the Spotlight Search bar on macOS? We all know that the Spotlight search bar opens in the mid of the screen. If you are a Mac user, you might use it always being in the center. Also, if you don’t like it taking up that spot, then you might still have learned to live with it blocking your screen whenever you like to open something. The most important thing is, the Spotlight search bar can be moved all around, and it can stick wherever you place it. Come le’s how to move the Spotlight search bar on macOS.

Move Spotlight Search Bar

Head over to Spotlight by clicking the Command + Spacebar keyboard shortcut. It will be in mid as always. If you want to move it, simply hold down the Command key and tap and drag the Spotlight search bar to wherever you want it to appear. However, it doesn’t dock to any corner of the screen. Then release the mouse button and the search bar will stay. You can then release it and the next time whenever you open Spotlight, it will open at the new position or place.

If you plan you don’t like Spotlight not opening in the center of the screen anymore, and like to move it back to the center, you can. If you want to move it back, tap and hold on the Spotlight icon for a few seconds. Also, it will move to the middle again. Once you open it, it will open in the center.

Now you can easily move the Spotlight search bar anywhere you want too. But it’s the best idea not to move it to the top right corner of the screen since that’s where alerts appear. The right side should generally be ignored as the alerts center opens there but now it is up to you where you position it.

While having a multi-monitor set-up, you can simply move the Spotlight search bar to the secondary monitor. It’s a quite good way to get out of it out but you’ll still be able to use it.

It’s a feature on macOS for quite a while. While coming from the various operating systems, one tends to have the search bar anywhere on the screen. Also, you can use the trick to make it simpler to adjust to macOS. Windows 10 has the search bar at the very left corner. It sits in the taskbar that isn’t something you duplicate as the Dock is down there. Also, it tends to take more storage but the Dock can be moved too.


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