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Have you ever tried to test a mac or Apple keyboard? If no, then you are in the right place. The build-in keyboards or Apple keyboards on a MacBook are the best quality keyboards. But they aren’t unsusceptible to the issue. They can also stop working completely or in part i.e. just a few keys. It might be a software issue and Apple has had trouble with its keyboard in the past though. You can do with keys repeating when they shouldn’t. Or else if you think the Mac keyboard or MacBook is broken, you can simply test it.

Test An Apple keyboard

You can also test a MacBook or an Apple keyboard with a web app or using a desktop app for the Mac. The option is yours. If you want to test the keyboard using a web app, we suggest using Keyboard Checker. We’ve suggested this app before checking a Windows keyboard. Also, it has a test for Apple’s keyboards too. Simply visit the keyboard checker and click each key on the keyboard. The pressed key is highlighted in green.

If you want to use a PC app to test the keys, then simply use Inspect. The app is free and open-source that can use to test a keyboard. You can also test your screen for dead pixels. Install and run the app. Choose the ‘Keyboard Test’ and you will then get an on-screen keyboard.

Move and click various keys to view if they’re working or not. You can also check which key is recognized in response to a key hit. The green highlight shows a key that is held down however the blue highlight a key that was hit and released.

For the Fn (function) keys, you want to hold down the Fn key on your keyboard just to run them.


If some keys on the keyboard are not shown any response, and you’re using an external Apple keyboard, then try using it on various systems and view if the unresponsive keys work on it. If not, then it might that keyboard is broken. Also, you’re going to replace it or repair it. If you don’t want to spend money on an Apple keyboard that is generally more expensive than a non-Apple keyboard. Then you can use one with it quite easily. The Windows keyboard keys can be remapped so that they are more instinctive to use on macOS. The remapping feature is also available if all you’re searching to do is modify how the modifier keys work. If you want to remap other keys, then you can use an app called Karabiner.


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