User Guide On Try Minecraft NVIDIA Ray Tracing on Windows 10

Are you ready to try Minecraft NVIDIA Ray Tracing on Windows 10? If yes, then stay with us till the end. GPU technology betters every year. Gaming experts will upgrade to a new GPU if its new capabilities are worth it and also it tends to be a more costly hardware component. However, it wants to be worth its price tag. Ray Tracing is the latest technology that NVIDIA’s RTX line of chips is pushing. However, it’s quite a better, very powerful light that renders technology and makes everything seems exceptionally realistic. Minecraft also included support for Ray Tracing in a beta version. Come let’s check how you can try it out.

Hardware requirements

The one who joins the Minecraft beta support for Ray Tracing but joining it is not enough. Also, you have an RTX graphics card. Come let’s how you can check what GPU you have.

Step 1:

Right-tap on the taskbar and choose Task Manager from the context menu.

Step 2:

Move to the Performance tab.

Step 3:

In the left column choose GPU 1.

Step 4:

Now view at the top right and it will display you the name of your GPU.

Step 5:

Also, it contains RTX in the name.

If you don’t have an RTX graphics card, then purchase new hardware.

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