User Guide On View Chrome Cache On Windows 10


Have you ever try to view Chrome cache on Windows 10? If yes, then you are in the right place. Chrome is also used two dedicated URLs that you must visit from inside Chrome to see its cache. Those two URLs are removed leaving users with no simple way to see the Chrome cache. The URLs were deleted because of a bug and they don’t view likely to make a comeback. If you view the Chrome cache in an easy way, you want a third-party app named ChromeCacheView.

View Chrome Cache On Windows 10

Download and launch ChromeCacheView. Before using it make sure where your Chrome profile folder is. You have to choose the Cache folder inside the profile folder just to view the cache. The cache is also kept separate for each profile.

Find the Chrome profile folder

Head over to the Chrome in the profile that you like to view the cache for. In the URL bar, type the following.


View for the ‘Profile path’ field and then copy the path to your clipboard.

View Chrome cache

Now run ChromeCacheView. Head over to the File>Select cache folder.

When the window opens, input the path that you copied. The path that the app varifies automatically can’t work, and neither does tapping the ‘Chrome Cache Folder’ button.

Once you choose the cache folder. Simply add filters to the items that will be displayed from the cache. For example, you can also restrict it to display files from the last few days. Alternatively, you can also restrict the files that are displayed to a specific size, or to a certain date and time. Tap OK, and then the files will be loaded.

Open Chrome cache files

You can also access Chrome cache files from File Explorer. Also, you can open them like any other file given you have the right app to view them. The ChromeCacheView tool makes it quite easier and simpler to find and then open them.

If you want to open a file. Simply right-tap it in the app and choose the ‘Open Selected Cache File’ choice from the context menu.

If it’s a type that you can’t set a default app. Then you’ll view the Windows 10 app picker menu that enables you to choose a recommended app or select one installed on your PC.

If you want to access the Chrome cache is to know where the cache folder is. ChromeCacheView enables you to filter the files so that it’s quite easy for you to find one. For example, a file cached from a specific website or a file cached on a specific date.


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