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Popcorn Time is the easiest way to stream movies online with an effort or know-how required. However, the app was shut down in 2014, lots of different models of Popcorn Time jump up in their place.

You can find models of the app on Mac, Windows, and Linux, or on smartphones. There are also web-only models that enable you to stream right from your browser. Not all models of Popcorn Time are official, or secure, for that matter. But the ones that are designed by creators of the former base can prove to work well.

Using Popcorn Time is amazingly simple. However, the features are very easy to use. Also, it’s interface and alternatives to control playback via VLC rather than of the built-in player. Popcorn Time is developed for watching on your laptop, using the site also seems great on large display screens. For Chromecast users, you probably looking for the simplest way to stream content from your Popcorn Time client to your TV. There are many methods to complete this, and we’re glad to say that it’s simplest if you know what you’re doing.

Popcorn Time -> Legal Or Not?


As we’ve discussed earlier with programs such as Showbox on Android or Covenant on Kodi. Popcorn Time is not a legal service.

However, some ISPs in the US will analyze and watch for illegal services being used on their bandwidth. Also, you can get it without being noticed, Popcorn Time looks to set off alarms at a higher rate rather than other standard torrent interfaces.

In this guide, we are not recommending the use of Popcorn Time for your movie consumption. Movies are products like an art piece, and after paying for the films you enjoy. Also, you encourage both the latest projects from the people working on those films, or else to create follow-ups to those movies you like.

Also, you can use Popcorn Time at your own risk. If you want to use Popcorn Time to stream films, then remember that Popcorn Time can get you into some trouble using your ISP or the MPAA.

The secure or the best route to use this is to buy a VPN subscription. Also note that due to how Chromecast functions, the VPN you use on your PC or mobile might not while broadcasting Popcorn Time to your Chromecast device. You might want to know adding your VPN to your home network to automatically secure your browsing.

Popcorn Time Models

Well, different models of Popcorn Time have appeared from the web over the past six years. However, all these apps claim to be the proper sequels models of, the real name of the platform.

Some platforms have taken the interface and name of Popcorn Time rather than being fully unrelated to the service simultaneously. Other models come from legal sources.

Overall, the recommended models of Popcorn Time online is the .sh version, which is compatible with the official Popcorn Time subreddit and has a fairly powerful reputation preceding it. However, rather than the official social accounts and subreddit recommended for the use of the .sh domain.

Whatever model you use, we’ll be using the .sh model throughout this article. Besides the absence of confirmation that is the accurate and official model of the new app. The .sh model of Popcorn Time launched four years ago. So we commit to the idea that this is the official model of the app.

Cast Popcorn Time -> How-To

Use Popcorn Time With Chromecast

There are some methods to take access to use your Chromecast with Popcorn Time, each with its difficulties, restriction, and advantages. Selecting between the various ways might sound like a pain, but due to each option is compatible by Chromecast streaming on your network. It is amazingly very easy to get your streams up and running. But take it easy and relax. After you choose the option that is right for you, you’ll be glad and satisfied with how easy it is to get your favorite movies and TV shows on the big screen.

The Simplest Way: The Android App offers some models of their streaming app to select from. However, the standard Mac, PC, and Linux versions have their abilities to cast over your network that we’ll discuss below. Also, it’s the Android model of the app we’re going to discuss.

Google can’t lets Popcorn Time list the app in the Play Store thanks to its streaming piracy functionality. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t install or download the Android app from the website. The app, that is available for mobile phones and Android TV, install, or downloads as an APK installer from the website and only needs the ability to install apps from unknown websites to be turned on in your settings menu. You can also find the Android model of the app on its website.

After you installed the app on your device. You’ll then find an advanced Android interface that makes it simple or easy to browse the latest launches for both television shows or movies. The app seems good, with a style that is similar to exactly what we’ve come to expect from Android apps.

Clicking on a movie shows an amazing display of information, It includes fan reviews, the option to stream various resolutions, trailer links, and film description. The trailer function also looks to be buggy if your video player is set to “Internal”. But you are here for the ability to stream movies on your network. The good news is this: it’s simple or easy to stream your television shows or movies on the mobile version of Popcorn Time.

What’s More?

The most important thing in this app is the ability to cast over your network. You may also notice the small Cast icon located in the top-right of the display. This cast interface enables you to stream to any kind of network-connected device. The Chromecast is the major factor of this utility.

Unfortunately, we can’t be able to get our Roku player streaming our favorite Popcorn Time movies yet. You are glad to hear that our Chromecast can pick up the stream without any major flaws. Since your mobile is just telling the Chromecast where to play the video via URL, streaming over your home network is very fast and easy.

You don’t want the Android app for Popcorn Time to use the app via Chromecast. Here are two solutions mentioned below for iOS users. Or else anyone looking to restrict their use of Popcorn Time to their PC besides the Android app. As we’ll see below, the PC version of the app has some difficulties and doesn’t always work well. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to use the Android app. But it is our demanding method considering how easy it is to use the program.

Streaming Over WiFi from Your Computer

Not everyone has an Android phone. Definitely an iOS user also wants to take comfort in the fact that they aren’t fully out of luck when it comes to streaming their favorite TV shows and movies online via Popcorn Time. There are still two choices left, though both need a bit of patience. After using the Android app isn’t a choice for you, the computer model of Popcorn Time has Chromecast compatibility built-in.

After you first boot up Popcorn Time on your PC. You don’t know where to look for the option for your Chromecast. The secret is to tap on a film or TV episode, which will then present you with many options. Just like on the Android app, you can also a synopsis of the film, with an IMDB link, the option to add the content to your bookmarks, etc.

Under the device portion, you’ll also look at the “Watch Now” button. Tapping Watch Now will enable you to begin playing back content quickly, but it has its restriction. The Butter, Popcorn Time player, is solid but improper, and that’s the reason many people choose to use VLC instead. Choosing your video player is done after tapping on the Butter icon located next to Watch Now. As it shows a menu of playback devices. However, in the photo above to Butter and VLC, you’ll also view streaming choices with any compatible players. It includes smart TVs, Airplay devices, and Cast options.

What’s More?

Many users claim difficulties getting the icon to appear. It looks that not every Chromecast device works well with Popcorn Time, though modifying your Chromecast name and moving into the settings can also help to ensure that your Chromecast is picked up by your device.

If you’re still facing issues, just take a look at our fix below for streaming local content. Also, you can submit a post on the Popcorn Time subreddit.

Locally Downloading

If the Android app isn’t your style and you’re facing issues using the computer model of Popcorn Time, you aren’t fully out of luck yet. There are one many fixes you can try, though it isn’t the best solution. Some users of Popcorn Time can tell you that streaming their content is quite an easy option while downloading content – can also be a bit annoying. That said, Popcorn Time enables any user to install the content right to their device after using the magnet link located in the top right corner of every film. You want a torrent client to install these films, but saving content from Popcorn Time to your device is still simpler than any online torrent site.

If you’re a newbie on torrent, we recommend a qBittorrent, which works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It also offers an open-source client. After you installed qBittorrent on your device, tapping the magnet link will automatically launch the app on your device.

When the film completes downloading, you have some choices for what to do next. You have the full video file saved on your computer. However, it means you can also use a Chromecast-enabled video player. You’ll find lots of players on the web if you view hard enough, but here are two of our most favorites:


Videostream was a Chrome app, but Google’s shutdown the Chrome app store to all of us but Chrome OS users mean you’ll have to depend on the Windows or macOS model of the app to stream your content. Still, the latest model of the app is great, with the compatibility for Chromecast and Android TV and the ability to cast videos from your local PC to your TV without any issues. Using mobile apps for both Android and iOS, it’s simple and easy to control your playback without your PC nearby. However, it means that streaming content has become easier.


Stremio needs you to install the player on your PC, but after you installed, you can simply use the platform such as a cleaner, closed-source Kodi. Add-ons adds YouTube, Netflix, and much more, but the reason to use Stremio is its compatibility for Chromecast using your local videos. Just like Videostream, it’s the best method if you’re having issues using the Chromecast utility built into Popcorn Time’s desktop client.

Both platforms work quite well enough, but if you like to take it to the other level, you can also take your locally installed content and put it into a full-fledged streaming platform via Plex. After setting up Plex is quite as downloading the service to your PC and installing your server. However, after you add your content to your client, you can then use the web client in Chrome to stream directly from your Plex server to your Chromecast. Plex is quite a difficult app to learn, but with the modification made in recent years over the development of the app, it’s become difficult to learn how to control your network server.

Whenever you set qBittorrent to install automatically to the same folder you use for your Plex server. Plex can automatically update your library when modifications are detected. It’s a bit more work than use Stremio or Videostream. However, there are some benefits of using Plex as well—most notably the ability to watch your content wherever you use apps on non-Cast hardware such as Roku or your smart TV.


That’s all about it. Is this helpful? If you want to share any other method or tips regarding the article then let us know below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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