User Guide To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else


Do you wnat to view your Facebook profile as someone else? Facebook page can uncover a lot more about you to those who visit. If your posts are public, everyone can view whatever you share. There are different methods to lock down your Facebook account, such as making it difficult for people to find or modifying the privacy of all your previous posts. But if you like to double-check what everyone can view, you can then view your Facebook profile as someone else.

It’s Impossible!

Sadly, you can’t view your own profile as if you were someone else using the suitable on-profile button. The feature that used to turn on this was known as “View As”. Facebook users can easily access this on their own profile both during the setup process and afterwards.

The reason for turning off this feature was due to there was a vulnerability that turned on people to view a user’s access tokens. Knowing a profile’s access tokens can enable someone to take over the account. This problem affected over 50 million Facebook accounts.

Update: Facebook can’t enable you to view a page as a particular individual, but you can also use “View as Public” to view how your page seems to the general public.

Step 1:

Head over to your Facebook page and tap the three dots located next to your cover photo.

Step 2:

Your profile can reload to display you how it seems to the public—so, anyone who isn’t your friend. For me, it’s likely my previous profile pictures and cover photos.

Step 3:

You can also view your page as a particular person. From the top of the display, tap View As Specific Person and input the name of the person you like to view your profile as.

This is really essential if you’re hiding Facebook posts from one particular person.

But if you can’t edit or remove any posts after viewing your page as someone else. Then it’ll provide you with a good idea whether there’s anything you want to sort out. Checking every once in a while to view how your profile seems to others is the best privacy checkup.

How To View Another Person’s Facebook Profile Secretly

View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

Use A Facebook Spy App

Instead of looking at your own profile, you might want to look at your friends’ timelines as well. It’s no secret that Facebook users search on their friends’ profiles to view what they’re up to. However, most probably users don’t like to use their real Facebook account to do so. If found out, you could come off secretly. The only efficient way to do this is to use a Facebook spy app. After you installed, you can easily view see what your friend is up to on the social media platform without them knowing.

Make Your Setting To “Public”

Initially, head over to Settings ➝ Privacy. Modify all of your settings at the bottom of the tab to Everyone or Public. Then, log out of your Fb account. Search (your name + Facebook) on Google, tap on the top result, and locate your Facebook profile. You should then be able to view how your profile seems to your friends.

Create Another FB Account  

You can also create another Facebook account. Simply send a friend request to your original Facebook account and accept it. After creating a fake account will also turn on you to see another person’s Facebook account that you like to search on.


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