Using Samsung’s Game Launcher to play games silently and also receive calls and message alerts

Samsung’s Game Launcher causes you to appreciate interfered with gaming by blocking pointless notices, toast pop-ups and discoursed. While a large portion of us, for the most part, prefer to keep the in-game sounds on, there are events when you may need a touch of calm. On the off chance that you run over those minutes, as a rule, there’s a cool element you could use to quiet all in-game sounds without hushing other framework cautions.

By flipping it, you will have the option to mess around quietly and won’t pass up significant calls and messages. This switch is particularly valuable when you’re loaning your gadget to another person to play.

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  • An effective method to quiet game sound
  • The most effective method to un mute a game sound

An effective method to quiet game sound

Stage 1:

Make sure you have empowered Game Launcher.

Stage 2:

Open the application.

Stage 3:

Tap on the switch in the lower left-hand side.

You will get this message (beneath) by means of a spring up.

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Instructions to unmute a game sound

On the off chance that you wish to unmute a game while playing, there’s a possibility for that also.

Stage 1:

Press one of the Volume keys during ongoing interaction.

Stage 2:

When incited, tap the orange symbol to unmute game sound.

Samsung Game Launcher

Samsung Game Launcher is available from your Samsung telephone’s application cabinet. Can’t discover it? At that point take a stab at scanning for “Game Launcher” by means of the Finder Search bar at the highest point of the application menu. In case you’re as yet not seeing the application, you can visit

Settings > Advanced highlights > Game Launcher

and flip the change to empower it on your gadget.


Tap on Game Launcher to open the suite, and the application will naturally add games to this organizer for simple entry. The application will likewise inquire as to whether you need to conceal said games from the application cabinet, making it open by means of Game Launcher as it were. Do this in the event that you need to utilize Samsung’s application as your sole purpose of the section for getting to games.

Not seeing an ideal game or application in the launcher. At that point tap the three-speck/settings menu in the upper right corner and pick include applications. From here, you’ll be given a rundown of applications and games on your telephone that haven’t been added to Game Launcher — essentially pick the ideal application and you’ll be a great idea to go. This may be convenient for side-stacked games, emulators, or games that just haven’t been recognized by Samsung Game Launcher for reasons unknown.

Else, you’ll see that the Game Launcher primary menu is really clear as crystal, highlighting the previously mentioned rundown of games, a turning merry go round of advertisements close to the base, and two catches beneath that. The catch on the left is a straightforward alarm switch, enabling you to rapidly quietness warnings. Be that as it may, the catch on our correct takes us to Game Tools.


We can say that this application is very helpful. User can launch it and still receive calls while playing games. It’s a big advancement. It is also very helpful for users. User can enjoy playing games on their smartphones. In the meanwhile, they can receive calls as well.

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