View Clipboard History On Windows 10

While using a clipboard manager app on Windows 10, updating to the Windows 10 October 2018 update deny the need for it. This latest version allows you to store your clipboard history. Also, recall an earlier entry with a simple and easy keyboard shortcut. Let come and check how you can view clipboard history on Windows 10.

Clipboard History On Windows 10

First, remember you’re on the October 2018 build after opening the run box. Then you input winver in it. However, Now the version is 1809.

Before viewing clipboard history on Windows 10. You just want to first activate it. Then open the Settings app and move or head over to the System group of settings. Now choose the Clipboard tab and enable on clipboard history.

Also, you can see clipboard history on Windows 10. Make sure all the things that you copied before activating it will not appear. If you want to view your clipboard history, simply click the Win+V keyboard shortcut. A small panel opens that will list all items, images, and text, that you copied to your clipboard. Now move through it and tap an item you like to paste again.

Just look closely at the panel, you will view that the item has a smaller pin icon on it. Tapping it will free the item from being removed when you clear your clipboard history. However, you can also wipe your history by tapping the Wipe all button on it’s panel. You can also delete it from the Clipboard tab in the Settings app.

A Word Of Caution

Users copy and paste confidential information like passwords, logins, and also banking information to their clipboard. It not a good idea, but before the October 2018 update, it wasn’t as terrific due to Windows only remembered the last entry on your clipboard. If you allow clipboard history on Windows 10. Then make sure you want to take special care that you do not copy confidential information to your clipboard. If you do copy confidential information to the clipboard, remember that you wipe it out immediately. You can also delete remove individual items from your history.

The history will continue past a system begins so you have to be proactive about keeping it clean. Confidential information can’t be stored there but to ensure that it’s still usable. However, you should regularly trim the items on the clipboard so that the items are kept long term.


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