View the Number of Songs on the iPhone

View the Number of Songs on the iPhone: Many questions arise in our minds. Like what’s the deal with Apple and the number of songs on your iPhone? Why’s it so tough to see how many you’ve got stored? Why do we have to cover the topic?

Many thoughts arise in mind as to why it’s difficult to see how many songs are on your iPhone. Discover them both here, and find out how to see how many songs you’ve got stored.

Strategy 1 – Apple Don’t Want to be Called Liars

In previous days of iPods and Zunes, device manufacturers would boast about how many songs and videos you could store on your device. May be Apple didn’t want to be called a liar by idiots who can’t understand why they can only fit 1,250 songs on their device besides the advertised 1,260 songs.

The number of songs depends on the amount of memory. If you download dozens of NightWish songs, then you’re going to fit fewer of their songs on your device.

Strategy 2 – It Harms Sales of Songs

Over the years, many song deals have prick users. For instance, where you pay a cent per song for a short period, and then they raise the price. If you want to see how many songs were on your device, then you can’t download as many so quickly.

Other than these two strategies, there’s no real reason why Apple shouldn’t allow you to see how many songs you have. It’s quite easy on Android devices, and even easier on Microsoft and Apple laptops.

How to View the Number of Songs on iPhone

You begin by taking out your iPhone and searching the Settings function on your home page. It looks like a box having two cogs inside.

In the settings menu, you’ll see the “General” option. Here you’ve to scroll down a little to find it. It sits beside a small cog set within a box. Click on that icon to buy the general settings.

With the “General” option set, you’ll see another option that says “About”. Simply click that option. Once you click it’ll bring up a series of statistical options, such as how many applications you have, how many videos, and so forth. In this menu, you’ll see a tab named “Songs”, where you can see how many songs are on your device.

Running Low On Space

If you’re running out of space on your iPhone, just begin by uninstalling some of the free apps you no longer use. Then try transferring your images and movies onto hard drives for your safety. If you think you’ve so many songs, then visit the Music app and long-press on a song. A popup menu will appear, allowing you to remove it.

You may also preserve a little space on your phone by disabling automatic downloads music for offline listening. Especially if you’re only experimenting with a few songs that you’ll probably never use again. You can also disable downloads by going back to your settings and clicking “Music” and then sliding the “Automatic Downloads” function to the off position.

How Much Storage Do My Songs Take up on my iPhones?

While returning to your settings app, and go back into the “General” option by clicking it. Now, click a function called “iPhone Storage.” On this page, you’ll find a graph showing how much space each type of file is taking up. It gives you a good idea of how much space each type of file is using. You’re then able to scroll down and see how much space your music is taking up as a whole.

If you’re searching to clear some space, then maybe save your songs on another device or hard drive before you delete them. In fact, there’s no drawback to storing your music on different devices besides outright deleting it from your iPhone.

Viewing your downloads:

If you already download music and you’re searching where it is. You need to begin by opening your iPhone Music app. Usually, it’s a box having a musical note inside. Once you open up, you’ll see different menu options. One of which is called “Downloaded Music”.

Click on the “Downloaded Music” function to make a list. The list features things like playlists, artists, albums, songs, etc. To see the downloaded songs, you need to click on one of these functions. Once the app page loads, just scroll down and see any music that has been downloaded onto your phone.

Also, if you’re having a problem with your phone, a message appears saying that you have very limited memory or storage. You’ve deleted lots of apps and media, then there may be another reason. Therefore, your phone isn’t to blame for having low storage.


If you’re still running out of space on your iPhone, then delete unwanted apps first, or transferring some of your personal files over to safer hard drives and PC. Music files don’t take a lot of space. Even if you do, sometimes its easier, better, and more convenient to delete other types of media.

Here is how to view the number of songs on the iPhone. For further queries and questions let us know in the comments section below!

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