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How Do I Get a Volume Mixer for Chrome Tabs

Volume Mixer

Windows actually has a volume mixer. It lets you control the volume on a per-app basis. If you guys have the right audio drivers installed, you can also control your system’s speakers and the headphone jack separately. You can mute or decrease the volume for a specific app or for system notifications without even affecting the volume from other apps. Volume Master is a Chrome extension. That provides you the same volume mixer for Chrome tabs. You can set the volume for individual tabs in Chrome provided there’s something playing as well. In this article, we are going to talk about How Do I Get a Volume Mixer for Chrome Tabs. Let’s begin!

Generally, if a tab is playing some sort of media along with sound. Then you can easily mute it via right-clicking on the tab and choosing the “Mute Site” option. Other than that, you guys cannot change the volume of Chrome or a Chrome tab unless the website that is playing the media provides you the controls.

Whenever websites don’t really have the media controls, one of the most common ways folks try to adjust Google Chrome sound is through changing the Windows volume or via using apps such as EarTrumpet. Though both these methods get the job done, and they lack granular control.

How Do I Get a Volume Mixer for Chrome Tabs

Install Volume Master and also open a video or sound file in Chrome. You guys can open a YouTube video and it will work just as well. Choose the tab playing audio. If you mute the audio, and the extension will not be able to detect it. Along with the tab selected, click the Volume Master icon and also use the volume slider to change the volume.

You guys can switch to a different tab when you’ve set the volume. The Volume Master icon is added to a tab after you use it in order to change the volume. If you refresh a tab, Volume Master will remember the volume you guys set for it, however, and if you close a tab, duplicate it. Or open it again from your browsing history, the extension will not remember the volume level that you set for it.

Volume Amplifier | volume mixer

Volume Master does not just control the volume for individual tabs actually. It’s also a volume amplifier actually. It can increase the audio well beyond the capacity of your system that can be dangerous. You guys can damage your hearing if you listen to music or anything else too loudly as well. Also, increasing the volume beyond the capacity of your system can actually damage your speakers beyond repair as well.

VLC player also has a similar feature where it can increase the volume to 123% as well. Volume Master can also increase the volume well beyond that. It can also increase the volume as far as 600% of the default volume. That’s something that you have to be cautious of to keep your hearing safe.

Limitation | volume mixer

There’s also no way to reset the volume of a tab. Ideally, users ought to be able to reset the volume to its default level from any tab through the extension’s icon. You guys can use the slider in order to reset the volume to 100%. But again, you have to switch to a tab to change or reset its volume as well. Resetting the volume to 100% won’t delete the extension’s icon from the tab. Whenever you change the volume of a tab with Volume Master, and the default ‘Mute Tab’ option in Chrome no longer works as well.


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