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Wacom has become known as the industry standard for graphic designers and digital artists alike. Wacom has products for people of all skill levels, whether you are a complete beginner looking to test your interest or a seasoned professional working for one of the biggest agencies. And the Cintiq line is no different offering a range of pen displays designed to elevate your art and design to the next level. But, the Cintiq drawing tablets do come at more of a premium price, starting at $650, making them more suited for serious students and professionals. In this article, we are going to talk about Wacom Cintiq Specifications and also Features. Let’s start!

Specifications | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

There are 4 main tablets in the Cintiq line. Each with its own unique benefits to help create the best experience and also finished detail possible. Looking at each of them and their specifications together can help you to make the best decision about which tablet would fit your needs.

Specs | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

Device Wacom Cintiq Pro32 Wacom Cintiq Pro24   Also Wacom Cintiq 16 Cintiq 22HD
Price $3,299.95 $1999.95 $649.95 $1,199.95
Stand-Alone Unit Can be upgraded to be a pen computer Can be upgraded to be a pen computer No No
Pressure Sensitivity 8192 8192   also 8192 8192
Glare Reduction Yes, Etched glass gives the feeling of paper No Yes, Anti-glare film helps reflect glare away from users eyes Yes, Anti-glare film helps reflect glare away from users eyes
Stand or Adjustable Legs Legs standard, can upgrade to stand can upgrade to stand, Legs standard Legs (50 – 200) Stand adjustable (160 – 820)
Screen Resolution 4K 4K Full HD Full HD
Color Performance 98% Adobe RGB 99% Adobe RGB 94% Adobe RGB 97% Adobe RGB
Battery-free pen Yes Yes No No

Key Features | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

All of Wacom’s Cintiq Pen display tablets come with an impressive array of standard features such as a pressure sensitivity rating of 8192 as well as tilt-recognition on the included pens. Wacom currently has battery-free stylus pens as well as “Chargeless” battery operated pens. The pens are referred to as chargeless due to what Wacom refers to as Electro-Magnetic Resonance technology or EMR that charges the pen while it is being used by drawing power from the Cintiq display.

Other features that come standard are virtually no lag and also no parallax. In order to translate that into simple terms, then the pen and display work together flawlessly. With a blazing fast response rate between 12 and 25 milliseconds and also a cursor. That appears exactly at the tip of the pen allows the Cintiq line of pen displays to act almost as fast as drawing on paper. So we have talk about Wacom Cintiq Specifications and features as well.

The screens are either full HD or 4K depending on the model chosen and most even come with some form of glare reduction. However, only the Cintiq Pro 32 and Cintiq Pro 24 come with 4K screens and support multi-touch gestures.

Another feature that is only available to the Pro 32 and Pro 24 is the ability to upgrade them to be stand-alone pen computers. The difference being, that without this upgrade all four of the Cintiq pen displays need to be connected to a computer and power source in order to function. But with the available upgrade, this need is eliminated altogether as the Cintiq Pro 32 and Pro 24 can act as their own computer unit.

Pros Vs. Cons | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

When comparing the Cintiq tablets to their competitors, it’s important to be realistic about the benefits and drawbacks. Let’s look at a few of them.

Pros | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

These tablets are designed to be intuitive in use. There is also no parallax, so the cursor aligns with the pen nib perfectly. There is no offset. All of the pen display tablets in the Cintiq line come with a minimum of a full HD screen, and there is also no extra charging cord needed for the pen. These tablets have extremely high color performance capturing between 94% and 99% of the Adobe RGB spectrum. Adjustable legs or stands are also included on all Cintiq models

Cons | Wacom Cintiq Specifications

These tablets are expensive, making them less practical for those that are just learning or for hobbyists. Their battery-free pens are lighter. That makes them feel cheap and also the EMR pens may not be compatible with the purchased model. Also, no shortcut keys are included and the keypad remote is sold separately.


The Wacom Cintiq Specifications pen display tablet line is truly one of the best on the market today. And even though the price can put it out of the price range of some the features available even on the most basic model make it a necessity for entry-level and seasoned professionals.

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