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Watch Money Sports Kodi – Live Sports at Home

It can be a pain whenever you want to watch sporting events at your home. You need a cable channel package that includes specific sports stations, and you mostly have to tune in live to see the game. However, what if you guys want to watch a match later on? Or what if you want to watch a sport that is not popular in your home country? In this article, we are going to talk about Watch Money Sports Kodi – Live Sports at Home. Let’s begin!

The easiest solution for sports lovers in order to watch live and pre-recorded events is to use the Money Sports add-on for Kodi. Kodi is basically a free, open-source, totally legal software that acts as a media center for your PC, Mac, or mobile phone also. You can also customize Kodi according to your liking through using add-ons which extend its functionality and offer new features as well.

Use a VPN to Use Kodi

The Kodi software itself is actually open-source and is absolutely legal to use. However, many of the add-ons for Kodi are developed by third parties and exist in a legal grey area actually. If you guys want to use Kodi along with add-ons, it’s crucial that you protect yourself from possible legal consequences of streaming movies or sports events as well.

If you guys were to use Kodi on a regular unencrypted internet connection, then your ISP could log each and everything that you do online. It also includes any files that you download or content that you access illegally as well. And if, in case a government agency decides to investigate your internet use. Then they can force your ISP to turn over your data, effectively that let the government spy on all of your online activity and possibly even prosecute you as well.

Now you guys know that you need a VPN, you have to select which one to use. One necessary thing you have to note when choosing a provider is to be careful about free VPN services. Free services necessarily make their money elsewhere if not from subscriptions, then most of the time even through selling your data on to other companies. This is actually unacceptable for a product that should be improving your security, not compromising it! One more common tactic among free VPNs is to keep data logs of all your activity, effectively undermining your security as well.


The great choice for your VPN needs is PureVPN actually. This is a simple, easy-to-use service that is ideal for those who want something less technical as well. They have more than 750 servers in 141 countries and they use strong 256-bit encryption also. You can use this VPN along with file types such as VoIP or instant messenger. That means that it’s great for securing your communications via Skype or other chat programs as well.

money sports kodi

There’s also absolutely no data-logging along with PureVPN so that you can browse securely in the knowledge. That you guys are safe from prying eyes as well. In addition, the service offers bonus features like anti-virus protection, ad-blocking, and also anti-phishing measures as well.

How can you install the Money Sports add-on?

In order to start with Money Sports is really simple. You just need to add the Retro UK repository to your Kodi installation, and then to install the Money Sports add-on as well. We will explain how you can do this below.

Add the Retro UK repo source to your Kodi system

If you want to install the add-on, then first you need to add the Rmkodi repository to your Kodi installation. This repository saves the data for the add-ons that you guys want to install. So you must first provide your system also with the URL where the repository hosts files. In order to do this, you need to follow these simple steps below:

  • First, open up Kodi to your home screen
  • Tap on SYSTEM and then click on File Manager
  • Double-tap on the Add Source option on the left-hand menu
  • Click <None> in the pop up that shows
  • You guys will now see a text input box. This is where you have to enter the URL of the repository you need to add
  • You have to type into the box. Be careful to enter the URL exactly as written, also include the HTTP://, or it won’t work!
  • Then tap Done
  • Now at the bottom of the box will be an input field that says Enter a name for this media source. Type in the name KewlTV and choose OK

money sports kodi

  • This will add the source to your installation as well. You can see the KewlTV repository in your list of media sources as well.

The repository source has now added to your Kodi system and now you are all ready to install the Money Sports add-on as well.

Install the Money Sports add-on

Next, we are going to find the Money Sports add-on in the repository and then add it to our system. In order to do this:

  • First, open Kodi to your home screen
  • Tap on VIDEOS and then on Add-ons as well
  • A menu will then open and you should choose Install from zip file from the menu on the left.
  • Head to KewlTV, then to plugin sport, and then you will see a file called
  • Double-tap on this file in order to open it
  • The system will then take a few minutes in order to install the add-on. Then you guys will see a notification that the installation was successful.

Now you are all done and the Money Sports add-on is now ready for you to use.

Use the Money Sports add-on to watch live sports

Well, with the Money Sports add-on installed to your Kodi system, you are ready to start watching sports. In order to do this, begin at your Kodi home screen and then choose VIDEOS, then Add-ons. You will see a grid of all the add-ons you have installed, also includes the one from Money Sports as well. Tap on the Money Sports logo, that is red with white edges, and says MS in large letters as well.

Whenever you open the Money Sports add-on, then you will find a selection of channels relevant to sports as well. The channels are mostly updated, however, you will see a selection of the core channels there:

  • Live Sports Links
  • Sports News
  • Premier League
  • EFL

You may also see other channels that depend on the season, like:

  • 2016/2017 Cup Competition Highlights
  • Box Office Events Live
  • Box Office Event Replays
  • MotoGP replays
  • F1 replays

You choose the channel you want through double-tapping it. Now we will go through how you can find the stream that you want.

Use the Live Sports Links section of the Money Sports add-on

If you guys open the Live Sports Links section of Money Sports, then you will see an introduction at the top and long list of links below. Start off at the HQ LINKS section for the best chance in order to find high-definition steam of the sports event you are looking for. The streams should be organized into categories for events, such as, there might be a section that says something such as “Live – Football CHELSEA VS MAN UTD” when there is a big game on. If this is the game that you guys are looking for, then click on the title and it will take you straight to a stream.

A benefit of the Money Sports add-on is that it mostly has multiple streams per channel. So if one stream is not working then you can also try another one rather. In fact, along with so many channels to choose from, the biggest problem with the add-on might be deciding what to watch!


Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you guys like this “money sports Kodi” article and also find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it. Also if you guys have further queries and issues related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.

Have a Great Day!

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