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What are Post Tabs and How to Disable them

Whenever you chat with folks on Facebook, then each conversation appears at the bottom-right corner of the site as a chat tab. Now, Facebook is basically using the same tool for posts that you are following. Whenever someone comments on your posts or also posts that you have also commented on, then a tab will pop up in the bottom-right corner. This can get really overwhelming. In this article, we are going to talk about What are Post Tabs and How to Disable them. Let’s begin!

Facebook has also added a new feature to its web interface; tabbed posts. A tabbed post is basically a pop-up that shows on Facebook. The pop-up actually shows you a post that you are following. It basically appears whenever there is new activity on the post. You do not have to tap on the notification for the new activity in order to get the tab to appear. It appends next to the chat window and you can also close or minimize it as well. The tabbed post makes it like this you can also check out and also respond to new activity on a post without even leaving your news feed actually. The feature is turned on automatically and you might not like it much. Let’s see how you can turn off post tabs on Facebook.

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